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U.K. Parents plug socket covers

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ClaireL90 Wed 15-Feb-17 23:35:20

Hi there,
I just wondered for uk mothers do you use plug socket covers? If so why/ why not?
Sorry new and not sure if I've posted in the right area?

ExplodedCloud Wed 15-Feb-17 23:39:08

No. They're frequently more dangerous than an empty socket. If you put one in upside down, the top hole becomes live and a finger shoved in that hole will receive a huge electrical shock.
If the lower holes are empty it then the top hole isn't live.

ClaireL90 Wed 15-Feb-17 23:40:36

How do you ensure safety?

EatSpamAmandaLamb Wed 15-Feb-17 23:43:19

They are very dangerous

ExplodedCloud Wed 15-Feb-17 23:46:16

Because very few children manage to stick three fingers into a switched on socket to enough depth and enough force to trip the lower gates and make the top hole live and then stick a third finger into that live hole.
The sockets in the UK are safer than 2 hole US sockets and US sockets can't have the cover inserted upside down.
It's pretty much a non issue with UK sockets.

ItchyFoot Wed 15-Feb-17 23:48:58

Yeah we don't really need to ensure safety because regulations have done it for us. If you're still worried I think you can get covers that fit over the entire socket cover but they'd be difficult to remove for plugging something in I should think.

ExplodedCloud Wed 15-Feb-17 23:49:27

Spam I'd forgotten the name of the website!

ClaireL90 Thu 16-Feb-17 07:42:45


madeleinecreek Fri 17-Feb-17 08:25:29

My son was obsessed with keys at the same age he was obsessed with sockets. This seemed like a dangerous combination so we taped over the ones he could reach. We've also used the ones that cover the whole socket and allow you to plug something in. Those are good and easy to plug stuff in (as long as the plug isn't too big)

ClaireL90 Fri 17-Feb-17 09:03:50

To prove a point I shoved my keys in it using the demonstration nothing would happen because of the system. The top bit my car key fit into but nothing happened and the the bottom I couldn't get it to go in. I think you are probably fine leaving them uncovered.

ClaireL90 Fri 17-Feb-17 09:04:31

Sorry I meant using the demonstration my partner showed me. He's an engineee

ClaireL90 Fri 17-Feb-17 09:05:11

And most baby toys would be too fat I think

madeleinecreek Fri 17-Feb-17 10:32:43

I appreciate the socket covers can be more dangerous, which is why I don't use them.

ChocChocPorridge Fri 17-Feb-17 10:47:41

Absolutely not. UK plug sockets are designed to be safe as they are.

I've lived in a couple of European countries that have strong enough UK links that they use our plug sockets, but often have Euro plug devices, so I'm a bit of an expert at using a chopstick or similar in the top hole to open the bottom holes so I can get a two-pronger in though.

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