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Should I buy Aston Martin Silver Cross stroller? Or...

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PrincessPeaches1 Tue 14-Feb-17 13:13:19

I really adore the Aston Martin Silver Cross stroller, but also the Mima Xari.

I know having two pushchairs is ridiculous, so which should I buy?!

Does anyone have either of them? Or any advice? I'm a new mum and would love some help!

Even if you don't have either of them, which would you buy?

SunnySomer Tue 14-Feb-17 13:19:56

I've just googled the two of them out of interest as I've had no need of a pushchair for 10 years.
All my helpful tips (will it fit in your car, is it easy to take apart, is it light enough to lift onto a bus) are, I think, totally irrelevant to you. My warning with the silver cross one is that cashmere doesn't respond well to regular washing 😉

imsorryiasked Tue 14-Feb-17 15:03:16

You could speak to the OP on the other thread who is struggling to get by on £148,000 p.a. She might be able to help grin

cerealnamechangers Tue 14-Feb-17 15:05:18

I prefer the silver cross one, have you seen the Versace travel system? You may like that.

cerealnamechangers Tue 14-Feb-17 15:06:01

However the silver cross one is eye wateringly expensive I have to say!

namechange20050 Tue 14-Feb-17 15:09:04

On your other thread you said you were expecting a baby....?

AfterTheRain1978 Wed 22-Feb-17 19:17:32

SilverCross is the worst pram I have ever owned. It was flimsy and large. I lasted 10wk with it and sold it!

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