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Which pram has the best carrycot?

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Snowflakes1122 Sat 11-Feb-17 16:11:35

I'm looking for a pram that has a good sized, quality carrycot.

We will be using it as a day bed and overnight when we go for weekends away.

Any recommendations?

Northernlurker Sat 11-Feb-17 16:17:54

Well people either love them or hate them but I loved our bugaboo carry cot. Dd3 slept in it in our room for months after she turned out to hate the Moses basket her sister had loved.......hmm

CoffeeBreakIn5 Sun 12-Feb-17 07:34:17

We had an urbo for use at grandparents house and the carrycot was great, it was padded and large. Check that it's suitable for over night sleeping though as not all of them are.

The iCandy Peach ones are terrible, don't get one of those.

Paddingtonthebear Sun 12-Feb-17 07:35:29

Uppababy vista is very very roomy and the mattress is safe for overnight sleeping. DD slept in hers at night until nearly 5 months old

Keepingupwiththejonesys Sun 12-Feb-17 07:36:16

Cosatto giggle 2

Chrisinthemorning Sun 12-Feb-17 07:37:16

Uppababy vista

Emus Sun 12-Feb-17 07:39:11

I found our Bugaboo carrycot was by far the biggest compared to friends travel systems. Both mine used it for six months (and could easily have gone longer except I was impatient to let them see the world!).

BastardBernie Sun 12-Feb-17 07:40:27

Bugaboo for sure!

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Sun 12-Feb-17 07:41:38

My friend had a bugaboo and it looked really nice and deep.

AVOID the silver cross surf!

SquedgieBeckenheim Sun 12-Feb-17 07:42:27

Uppababy vista. Very good size, and suitable for overnight sleeping. DD was in hers till 6 months.

Pastaagain78 Sun 12-Feb-17 07:51:58

Bugaboo cameleon. Used with all 3 DS. Loads of room and they still fitted comfortably at 6 months.

Luckystar1 Sun 12-Feb-17 07:54:51

Oh that's funny I was going to say not the Uppababy Vista it's very short.

Bugaboo Buffalo is massive!

Timefor2 Sun 12-Feb-17 07:57:18

Another vote for Uppababy Vista - it's not the longest but you don't need tonnes of leeway at their head/feet (as long as they aren't actually touching both ends!) so they are fine in it longer than you'd imagine

PlugUgly1980 Sun 12-Feb-17 07:59:07

We have the Uppababy Vista and both mine have used it for overnight sleeping, but only til about 5 months. Both were big, long babies who out grew it before the 6 months.

BumWad Mon 13-Feb-17 22:34:01

Uppababy Vista.

I remember when we bought it the saleswoman undid the Vista carrycot and the bugaboo ones to show us the materials inside. The Vista is most definitely better quality and more luxurious.

drinkyourmilk Mon 13-Feb-17 22:36:15

Does anyone know of the bugaboo buffalo is approved for overnight sleeping?
I thought I had checked this out when I bought it - but now I can't find anything to say so I'm doubting myself.

FinallyMrsE Mon 13-Feb-17 22:37:25

Emmaljunga edge, very roomy and also designed to be safe for overnight sleeping, made to exceptionally high standards and designed to last. I love mine and it still looks immaculate and it's being used second time round.

Luckystar1 Tue 14-Feb-17 07:06:49

Drink I don't think it is. Although I wouldn't let that sway you one way or the other really!

drinkyourmilk Tue 14-Feb-17 08:17:19

Thanks lucky. I've now found several places saying it isnt. It must have been the vista I'm getting confused with. We couldn't decide between the two.
I will just take a travel cot with us when we stay elsewhere. I'm not sure it's worth taking the risk for one extra trip to the car.

OutnumberedbyFurchesters Tue 14-Feb-17 08:19:41

Another vote for the uppababy vista smile

Afreshstartplease Tue 14-Feb-17 08:22:05

The giggle 2 carrycot is tiny, ds outgrew it at 3 months

SleepymrsE Tue 14-Feb-17 08:22:45

And another vote for the uppababy vista.

FenellaMaxwellsPony Tue 14-Feb-17 09:55:53

Afreshstartplease did you take out the newborn insert? It's pretty big once that comes out - you just put an ordinary Moses basket mattress in it?

Afreshstartplease Tue 14-Feb-17 10:12:20

I did try that although I'm pretty sure it's not in the instructions however it really only buys you a couple of cm in length

Afreshstartplease Tue 14-Feb-17 10:13:15

I previously had a m+p zoom which had a much bigger carrycot

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