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Lie flat seat or carrycot best for hot weather?

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emmers123 Tue 07-Feb-17 14:16:36

Hi there,
I'm a first time mum and we're a little clueless and mystified by all the pram/pushchair options! We have managed to settle on one we think is best for our needs - the Cybex Priam (close second was the Uppababy Vista but it just seems rather wide).

My question is, how necessary is it to have the carry cot? The Lux seat for the Priam has a lie-flat full recline, so I'm wondering is this really suitable for a newborn? Also, we live in Seville - so from April onwards (when he's due) it can be rather hot. Would it be better for the baby to be protected in a carry cot? Or more out in the open with the lie flat seat option so the air can circulate more?

Thanks so much for any help!

Artandco Thu 09-Feb-17 18:05:32

It would be better in carrycot. Although the cybex car seat lies flat so can be used longer safer oxygen wise, it's isn't a substitute for a proper ventilated mattress. They also have a bigger shade on carrycot, and no straps so can lie comfy.

Artandco Thu 09-Feb-17 18:08:37

Have you seen the new cybex though? The cybex mios I think. Takes Same carrycot and car seat options but has smaller fold and ventilated main seat which might suit you more later in hot climate

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