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Rear Facing Quick Fold Buggy!

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LJC123 Sat 04-Feb-17 18:24:01


Hoping somebody can help. I'm due in August with number 2 (my son is 4 years old).

I went out today to find an easy-fold (preferably a one fold system like the city jogger) which is rear facing and suitable from birth. I thought it would be an easy task, however, it was virtually impossible! The only one I found was a joie (I think) which I wasn't a fan of.

Can anybody offer some advice?

AllTheBabies Sat 04-Feb-17 18:25:50

Easywalker mosey

Londonbum Sat 04-Feb-17 18:36:44

Mamas and papas armadillo flip? I can fold mine with one hand really easily!

ghostspirit Sat 04-Feb-17 18:42:54

I have a rear and forward facing umbrella buggys suitable from birth it's a baby jogger vue

TataEs Sat 04-Feb-17 18:56:33

armadillo flip
bugaboo bee

LJC123 Sat 04-Feb-17 21:45:00

Thank you everybody!

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