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Going from double, back to single plus buggy board. Nipper, Pioneer???

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PaddedRoomForOnePlease Sun 08-Jan-17 15:28:31

I think I may be looking for a holy grail pushchair but any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have two DC aged 2.5 and 3.9 and don't know if I should be staying with a double for a bit longer or going back to a single. I think I've overloaded myself with information and feel in a right muddle.

I started off with a side by side double (Stroll Air MyDuo) as I wanted parent facing for the newborn. Perfect, loved it. Then they got bigger, started fighting and both grabbing things off the shelves in shops due to its width. My nerves in tatters, I moved onto a stadium / in-line (Mountain Buggy Plus One). Again perfect for a while but now they are really squeezed in so I'm thinking of going back to a single and the board.

I do have a Babyhome Emotion which I love love love but they are both getting too big for the seat and it feels so heavy to push due to the skateboard type wheels. If it had air tyres it would be kept. But it doesn't so it's going. And I can't get the buggy board to fit with the pushchair hood on and the handlebar isn't adjustable.

I walk about 3-5 miles a day, lots of rough ground and not many dropped curbs so I would like something that can eat up the miles on these crappy pavements.

Storage and going in the car are not a problem.

So I would like to narrow down my search to:
- compact and light but with a seat able to take 15kg plus
- air or smooth ride tyres for potholey pavements
- huge basket for all our crap (snacks, potty, toddler group art etc etc)
- can take a buggyboard without the child having to bend backward / have their head squished into the hood (I've got a board rider ready to go on whatever I get, didn't like Lascal)

I won't be buying brand new as I won't be able to keep it in good nick (my pushchairs get hard use) so re-sale will be low.

So I'm thinking Out n About Nipper single or Silver Cross Pioneer but am panicking that I'm missing the perfect pushchair out there.

I guess my other concern is that even if I visit a showroom to try out the above I won't really know how they push in real life with rough ground and two kids on board.

I guess I could just stick the board on the back of the Mountain Buggy and use the spare seat for storage as and when (as it does store away). Arrrrgh I just go round in circles and can't make a decision. Can anyone help? flowers

PaddedRoomForOnePlease Fri 27-Jan-17 17:13:58

I'm bumping to see if anyone can help me

minipie Wed 01-Feb-17 12:26:33

I am using a Phil and Teds Navigator as a single with buggyboard and it works fine (bit of a faff to get the board to fit but it does). So I'd suggest try the board on the Mountain Buggy single first.

only thing is, the hood might be a bit high for the buggyboard passenger to be able to look over? (the P&T hood can be slid down quite easily). Can you adjust the position of the MB hood?

minipie Wed 01-Feb-17 12:27:27

Also, depends how reliable your eldest is, but could they use a scooter instead of a buggyboard?

PaddedRoomForOnePlease Thu 02-Feb-17 13:55:20

Thanks minipie. I am using the board on the MB now and actually it's working well, I had just hoped for one more pushchair before those days are over. Also something more compact but actually it is awesome for shopping trips as the area for the second seat/cocoon is enormous.

Good point about the hood, I actually use a mothercare hood come raincover (the MB hood fell off all the time angry) and it is really tall but DD doesn't seem to mind. She loves the board now she knows there is no second seat for her (I took it out). Scooter is out of the question, she just doesn't get it bless her.

I'm still loving all the Pioneers I see around so think I'll take the board to Mothercare and try it on the showroom model. Our boiler just broke though so probably financially out of the question for a while now sad

minipie Thu 02-Feb-17 21:21:18

Ah I totally get the yen for another buggy, I spent several months convincing myself we needed an uppababy (as our third buggy...) but restrained myself in the end!

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