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Lightweight compact ATP pushchair with no back bar - does it exist?

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karmi2010 Mon 26-Dec-16 15:16:14

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Really hoping that someone can help me here) I think I am getting mad already looking thought the internet in a search for my ideal stroller ))

I am tall and always kick the back bar and it seems that most prams have it ((

I have a big 1 years old DD and our main pram is Stokke Xplory, which I love, but it is really heavy to lift and takes the whole boot, so I can't take it on holidays with me. Ideally, I am looking for an ATP pushchair which I could take on the beach with me, but which would be reasonably light and compact folded, have a recline option (DD still sleeps in the pram) and without the back bar between the wheels! This last requirement seem to be a problem - I liked the descriptions of Baby Jogger City Elite or Mountain Buggy pushchairs, but they all have that back bar (((

It looks like Phil and Teds Vibe does not have the back bar, I am planning a trip to the shop to check it on, but was hoping if someone could advise some other pushchair as well?

Many thanks!

littledinaco Mon 26-Dec-16 21:46:58

I know this is not what you are asking but baby jogger city select (worth paying extra for the better tyres) is fantastic for beach (great to push) It's got a full recline and seat is massive so comfortable for sleep and won't grow out of. It's also got full hood that pulls over so great for keeping sun off.

My BIL is well over 6 foot and he says this is best pram he's pushed. (Handle tips up quite high for taller people).

It's really quick to fold so great for airport.

NapQueen Mon 26-Dec-16 21:48:26

The Armadillo City.

Dh is 6'2 and finds it very easy to use. No back bar. Folds dinky. Lies flat. Massive hood.

It's so compact folded and has a handle. It's very easy to carry around folded and stands on its own when folded.

NapQueen Mon 26-Dec-16 21:50:38

Bugger just looked at it and it's got a back bar. However it's near enough under the basket which is why I've never noticed it.

karmi2010 Thu 29-Dec-16 14:42:03

Many thanks for your responses!

littledinaco - thank you! I went to check the BJCS in the shop and unfortunately I still kick the back bar ((

NapQueen - yes, it has the back bar and I kick it (( tried again this weekend.

It seems, my perfect pushchair just doesn't exist ((

QuandryQueen Thu 29-Dec-16 18:48:25

How tall are you OP? DH is 6'2 and neither our Armadillo City or the Maclaren ever got a kick from him. Sounds daft but are you pushing the pushchair as far as you can away from you with your arms when you are trying it?

JohnLapsleyParlabane Thu 29-Dec-16 18:50:20

Possibly a Micralite?

karmi2010 Fri 30-Dec-16 11:02:07

QuandryQueen - many thanks, I am indeed walking too close to the pram but unfortunately I can't do it any other way due to my back issues ((

JohnLapsleyParlabane - thank you so much! this might be a solution!

Artandco Fri 30-Dec-16 16:51:18

Bugaboo bee - the handle extends a long way so you would be far enough away to not kick bar

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