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Lightweight compact affordable pushchair suitable for birth onwards

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user1476694639 Mon 26-Dec-16 06:34:38

I currently have a seven-week-old DS and am going to try for a second DC at some point. I need to buy a pushchair/pram for my 70-year-old mum to take DS around London and, possibly later, to transport DC2.

- We don't own a car so she will be using public transport, e.g. Tube, buses
- She is 5ft 1"
- She doesn't like big clunky pushchairs and wants something lightweight and foldable - like the pushchairs of my babyhood. It needs to be manoeuvrable on and off pavements, etc. - she's a small elderly woman and not Tarzan

We don't want to spend too much or have a big clunky pushchair hanging around our hall, as the pushchair/pram will only be used when she's visiting. I rely solely on a LilleBaby All Seasons soft structured carrier for getting around.

user1476694639 Mon 26-Dec-16 06:47:46

Oooh, just a thought... If there are any sports strollers that fit the bill, that would be great for jogging around the park when DS is a bit older.

FreeButtonBee Mon 26-Dec-16 06:53:40

Baby zen yoyo. Not much good for running but tiny one handed folding stroller. With a carry strap to go over your shoulder.

Randonneur Mon 26-Dec-16 10:06:23

I would get an umbrella fold stroller, probably a maclaren. I think the yoyo or a baby jogger zip are better pushchairs but older people (my mil) just loooooove a maclaren! We have a baby jogger city mini, which is literally the easiest buggy to fold in the world (except that electric one that folds itself) but my mil keeps banging on about her umbrella stroller and how easy to fold it is.

For cheapness, my friend has had success with the mothercare nanu umbrella fold. It did break after a few years but if yours will only be getting light use that's probably fine.

user1476694639 Tue 27-Dec-16 13:44:47

We've picked a YoYo. Mum didn't like the Maclaren as it didn't have a newborn parent-facing mode.

Thanks everyone.

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