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Thinking about buying a Graco pushchair, what are your opinions?

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Lara55 Tue 29-Nov-16 11:56:14

Never bought anything from Graco before and not really sure what their products are like.

Have you bought anything from Graco before? If so, what made you choose them? If not, who did you go with instead?

Brightsideisbetter Sun 04-Dec-16 10:11:40

I had one and it was 2 years old as bought it second hand.

It's great a pretty good at dealing with all terrain. Can push one handed but struggle to steer one handed - but I am very weak! I also wonder if I just need some wd40 on the wheels! You could try it in the shop tho on this point. Only other negative is I find the non adjustable handles an issue- I am 5ft and husband over 6ft!

Great big basket- does not have to be emptied when folded. Very easy recline. I think it's basically a more budget version of the bugaboo cameleon

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