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Spend big or get a bargain? Bugaboo bee...

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Brightsideisbetter Mon 28-Nov-16 17:38:43

I am looking to get a bugaboo bee and wondering if it is worth splurging on a new bee3 or getting a bargain on eBay on a bee plus. Is there a big difference?
Love to hear any thoughts or experiences. Thank you

AppleMagic Mon 28-Nov-16 17:41:09

I got an original bee (so not even the plus) on eBay about two years ago and it's still looking good (despite being ancient, maybe 8 years old?). So I'm sure a bee plus would be fine.

scotianka Fri 02-Dec-16 22:30:55

I already searched the reviews on internet and decided for a second hand bee plus. If I eventually buy a bee, I still haven't decided!

The biggest change is the option for a carrycot and the extendable hood - but as far as I know you can fit both on the old bee+ frame as well.
1:1 bee+ : bee3

I read that the frame on bee3 is now much much better but the seat fabric is much worse so no winner here....
0:0 bee+ : bee3

As I bought a second hand bee in the past (the best one, original bee, unfortunately very old now), I hope there would be nearly no difference in the condition, I believe these pushchairs keep the quality for a long time.

And then there is of course huge difference in price.
1:0 for bee+

So the winner for me is a second hand bee plus :-)

mummyplus7 Sat 03-Dec-16 05:04:11

I prefer the seat fabric and hood on the Bee3. Can you get a second hand Bee3 from ebay or the bugaboo pramaholics FB page?

scotianka Sat 10-Dec-16 09:08:23

Yesterday I went to see and buy a second hand bee plus. And the frame was so much worse than I expected after having the original bee in the past!... in the end we didn't buy it and now considering a second hand bee 3 but they seem so expensive. Where I live there's only one on Gumtree and it's £500 just for a pushchair. .. I could have a new one for £480!

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