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Best single to double pushchair recommendations please!

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user1479939331 Thu 24-Nov-16 18:09:02

Hi guys!! Really need your advice...we are expecting our first baby in May next year, and we are finally starting to look at's a minefield! We want one that can be converted into a double as we plan to have a second baby soon afterwards. My research brings up everything from Bugaboo, iCandy, Uppa Baby, The Egg...which one have you used and what do you recommend? We have a small-ish boot so need a pram that collapses quite small, and we want good quality so happy to pay to get the right one smile Please help!

Thanks x

Heirhelp Thu 24-Nov-16 19:39:10

Are either of you tall? I am always posting about this but my DD out grow the bassinate of the uppa baby at 9 weeks old.

Belager Thu 24-Nov-16 19:41:34

I'd vote uppababy vista.
heir both DP and I are over 5"9 and our 18w old is still in that bassinet!

user1479939331 Thu 24-Nov-16 21:13:13

I'm 5"3 but he's over 6 foot - is the uppa baby carrycot really small? Also I have seen that some can be used for overnight sleeping so we wouldn't need a moses basket?

duskonthelawn Thu 24-Nov-16 21:16:02

Nothing useful to add but watching this thread smile

OutnumberedbyFurchesters Thu 24-Nov-16 21:26:54

Have the uppababy vista. Our carrycot was much bigger than the oyster one my SIL just got. DD still fit in it at 12/14weeks old and she's tall! I've found the seat bigger too. Definitely recommended.
Fit in a Peugeot 208 fine, with room to spare, just removing one back wheel which is a one handed easy process.

It's really easy to push, and looks a comfy ride. It's been all over with us too, town, buses, city, canal and rural walks. No bother. smile

I also think it's the best double too, as it's tall rather than wide. And can be used two carry cots..., seat below/front either way round, with car seat or Ccot on top or seat on top and other way round.. Can't think of a combination you can't have.

Have heard it's quite light for a double too, and the second seat is a proper one so can be used all the way up to 3yrs weight at least, as some single to doubles use a lighter 'add-on' seat.

Heirhelp Thu 24-Nov-16 21:42:05

I do have a long baby but I know baby's of the same length who were in their pram's bassinet much longer than child

MrsMandS Thu 24-Nov-16 21:55:30

We had a Bugaboo Donkey and LOVED it!

We also had an iCandy Apple that we had intended on upgrading to a Pair, but as a single it was quite heavy, never mind a double.

Gooseysgirl Thu 24-Nov-16 22:08:58

We had the Vista and it worked out perfectly (21 month gap). My little girl loved the rumble seat! We had the older model, the newer one looks fab!

Mrscarrington Thu 24-Nov-16 22:36:05

I put a similar question up earlier in the week...
We have bought the mothercare genie ... You would need to check dimensions though sorry!
We have bought it in a similar mind frame to you, planning ahead to baby number 2.
I have zero experience with prams and surprised myself how easy this pram was to figure out.
Obviously, it isn't tried & tested yet but I'm feeling confident with it, definitely worth a look at anyway, as it's very reasonably priced - and a maxi cosi car seat thrown in on the Black Friday deals too atm!
Happy pram shopping! X

AbbeyRoadCrossing Thu 24-Nov-16 22:41:12

I have the egg and love it. So easy to convert from single to double by slotting the seats in.
Chose it because it's easy to push 2 toddlers - that's quite a weight if you choose a heavy pram in the first place. Think about that when trying them out because they aren't tiny newborns for long.
Also liked that both seats are very similar.
And it fits through the front door.

user1480246009 Sun 27-Nov-16 11:37:10

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Catdogcat Sun 27-Nov-16 11:49:09

We have the egg and love it. DD is just going into the seat unit at 5 months, not because she's outgrown the carrycot, she's just nosy and wanted to be able to see.

I find the shoulder strap handy once it's folded.

It's very easy to push, we bought the tandem seat unit as we're planning another baby next year hopefully, but we haven't used it as a double yet.

The only thing is I find it tricky to fit in the car, but if you've got a good sized boot you should be fine.

Lolarosie09 Sun 27-Nov-16 19:08:37

We had the icandy peach blossom, I have nearly three years age gap between my two girls but we bought the peach with the intention of having a second child. I walked quite a lot with mine and it was great getting into town and manuovered around really easy. I also had a small car at the time and it was easy to get in and out of the boot of my car. I loved my peach so much so that I ended up getting sux years use as a single pushchair and also as a double.

user1479939331 Thu 01-Dec-16 20:52:09

Hi all - thank you so much for all your suggestions, I've got a really good idea now of what to look for! Taking my (long suffering) husband to the shops at the weekend to have a look round, I'll let you know how I get on! x

user1479939331 Mon 05-Dec-16 22:11:22

UPDATE - I have now had my first experience in a pram shop!! Here are mine and my husband's thoughts:
Egg - felt rickety, I didn't like the handlebar

Donkey - very stylish but just too wide
Genie - too long and quite hard to push / fold

The 3 we liked best were icandy Peach, Bugaboo Chameleon and Uppa Baby - I think I know which one I liked best but DH is still unsure...has anyone had any bad experiences with these?

Ellarose85 Mon 19-Dec-16 19:19:05

I may be wrong, but the chameleon doesn't go into a double does it?

user1476714330 Wed 21-Dec-16 09:19:51

Ive the icandy Strawberry which has been great, a friend has a Peach as a double for a year or more and is happy with it, we regular walk together when i push it - we take turns - it feels easy enough to push about. john lewis offer a 3 year warranty on icandy where i bought mine.

user1476799835 Fri 13-Jan-17 14:57:33

Definitely the peach, it looks great and we originally bought it as a single. To upgrade was a simple enough task and its still very easy to push around in double mode. its definitely worth getting to a shop and trying it out!

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