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BJCM v Britage B Agile 3

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Yeeyeelovesraaraa Sun 13-Nov-16 08:20:26

If you have had both which did you prefer & why?

Its for an almost 2 year old, so I really need:
- Enough seat space to last til end of puschair days.
- Easy to steer with heavier toddler
- Cope with a bit of light off roading - bumpy parks etc
- The one with the biggest & best basket access

BJCM are so highly rated I'm veering towards that - only thing putting me off is the width - I have a small car boot & access through our front door is a bit arkward - have a vista at mo which is 64cm wide & doing my head in but cm/gt wheel base is only 2-3cm narrower whereas britax is 6cm narrower.

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