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'06 Ford Fiesta

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ImpYCelyn Wed 09-Nov-16 10:43:11

Hello, I need a little advice on a little pushchair please!

DS3 is due in a few weeks. I have an old mountain buggy urban, which is my main pram and will be for walks etc, and I have an old maclaren quest, but from before they were suitable for newborns. I would like to get something fairly cheaply (from eBay perhaps) which can be used from birth and will fit in the fiesta boot. Because he's number 3 I can't rely on putting it in the passenger footwell or along the back, the car is full! I wasn't going to get anything, but with the other two I do think it'll be easier if I can pop him in a pushchair when we're out and about, rather than keep the other two wrangled while I tie a wrap.

Any advice gratefully received!!

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