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Silvercross Reflex?

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rosielea Tue 08-Nov-16 18:28:50

Hi there, I'm looking for a pushchair for my nearly two year old. Does anyone have the Silvercross reflex and recommend it? Or any other suggestions? Many thanks x

BobbieDog Tue 08-Nov-16 18:34:27

I had this and mothercare accepted it back within 24 hours of me having it despite me having used it.

It was dreadful! The seat was not deep enough for a toddler bottom and therefore my dd who was 2 at the time kept slipping down the seat. The crotch strap was very long even though it was on the tightest setting. I had to keep stopping and lifting dd up the seat only for her to slip down again almost straightaway.

I took it back to mothercare where i bought it to see if someone could advise with the problem and they said they would not be happy for their own child to be slipping down like that and they gave me a refund but on a gift card.

rosielea Tue 08-Nov-16 18:39:24

Thanks Bobbiedog, can I ask what pushchair you chose instead?

BobbieDog Tue 08-Nov-16 20:25:21

I got a maclaren bmw but tbh that wasnt good either as it squeaked constantly and had to be repaired 3 times.

For baby number 2 i would look at the cybex stroller.

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