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bee plus, icandy raspberry or babyzen yoyo plus?

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scotianka Tue 01-Nov-16 22:12:56

Until recently, I was very sure I would buy a second hand bee plus. I owned the original bee and was very happy with it - I loved that it was light, narrow, great to push, and parent facing. but I did not have a cocoon and accessories were no longer available so I carelessly sold it.

Then I got pregnant and everything changed....

1. The buggy market has changed completely. There are new buggies out there and being pregnant I am so easily influenced by the marketing. ....

2. I read the reviews that bee plus is not as good as the old bee was (and bee3 having even worse reviews). Apparently it's not sturdy at all and leans, and the wheels get stuck on everything.

3. The new icandy raspberry looks promising but it was not available in any shop I checked. I like the fact it can stand when folded and apparently it's sturdier than bee plus. But I read it rattles and I'm not sure about that lycra hood...

4. And my biggest problem - I fell in love with babyzen yoyo +! I would be very unhappy that it doesn't have the parent facing option in the 6+ mode, and I am too short for the handle height.
But I love how compact and light it is, the size and weight are perfect for me!

Please help - bee or raspberry?
And how can I be cured from my irrational love to yoyo?

Lolarosie09 Wed 09-Nov-16 21:17:40

I have a raspberry for my little one and I love it. I have used it since my eldest started walking and I've used it for my holidays too. The seat unit is a good size and the basket is huge, not heard any rattles yet but will start to listen for them.

scotianka Thu 10-Nov-16 14:56:30

Oh, I'm so glad you replied! I started believing that there is no real mum owning a raspberry. ... all I found on internet was "an honest review in exchange for a buggy", and I have not seen a single raspberry in real life. Thank you! :-)

How long have you had it? Is there anything that annoys you, or you think it could be better?
Are there any other raspberry owners out there????

I'm already 28 weeks and still no closer to the decision. ...

SansaryaAgain Thu 10-Nov-16 15:03:37

I have the original Yoyo and have found it to be fab. Bought it in 2014 when DS was born as we lived in a first floor flat so needed something light that folded one-handedly. The only caveat I have with it is that the hood doesn't come down far enough and the 6m+ version doesn't recline very far back. But the new model seems to have sorted out those problems. Honestly, if you live in a city and depend on public transport, it's the best stroller out there. And I wouldn't worry too much about it not having the parent-facing option after 6 months as by then your little one will be wanting to look at everything around him/her anyway!

ThinkOfTheMice Thu 10-Nov-16 15:07:51

Have you had a look at Really good website . This compares the bee and raspberry with mosey and scoot,

I've got a mosey and I think it kicks the bee's arse ;) but of course it depends on the way you use it.

TataEs Thu 10-Nov-16 15:16:50

i've had a bee+ and a raspberry.
i got my bee secondhand and it was fab. but my son was 2 so no idea about younger babies.
i LOVED my raspberry but had a reoccurring fault with the break and ended up with a full refund that broke my heart as is was a great pram (not suitable for off reading tho, but that's not my lifestyle so wasn't a factor)
after the raspberry i got an armadillo flip. it lacks the beauty of the raspberry/bee, but makes up for it in functionality. and whilst i didn't love it at first i loved it eventually. ds2 was 8m when i got it, so again not used from newborn, but i believe you can with the seat unit and i used the raspberry caccoon i already had.
raspberry gets my vote. i got mine from JL, but look at the armadillo, the features are similarsmile

scotianka Thu 10-Nov-16 15:54:29

Great, thanks a lot :-)
Can you tell me why you prefer a raspberry over a bee?

scotianka Thu 10-Nov-16 16:05:57

I read the entire bestbuggy content.... more than once...
And based on that I thought mosey/easywalker mini was the best. What discouraged me was the weight - it may be lightweight but it's still 2 kg more than raspberry or bee.... and I'm really very small.

ThinkOfTheMice Thu 10-Nov-16 20:04:56

Mosey is fantastic. It's narrow enough to get down bus aisles, very stable, steers well etc.
It's not super light - I'm give foot two and I manage fine on and off buses etc but I was carrying upstairs etc I might want something lighter.
I live in a country where winters get very cold so for me, the bee and raspberry were just not going to work. I like the look of the flip but again, over snow it's not great. Also I've never had good experiences with mamas and papas stuff - things seem to break easily and be a bit flimsy and I've heard they tip easily. I did like the look of the fold though, I don't think the mosey fold is perfectly one handed
The more I use the mosey the more I love it BUT I'm not carrying it upstairs or or the tube etc - buses occasionally and car boot often.
Really look at how you will be using it and go try them out. Things like handle height, steering etc are hard to gauge online.

scotianka Mon 14-Nov-16 08:52:06

Yesterday I finally managed to find the raspberry in store for viewing.
And it disappointed me so badly.... Everything was perfect or nearly perfect, except the hood! I knew it was stretchy lycra and imagined something similar to the bee3 hood but this one is MUCH thinner, and the worst are the hood rods that are so flexible that can be bended with one finger. How is it possible that the bestbuggy review mentions "The one positive is that the Raspberry hood frame is sturdy, so that the hood doesn’t sway likea competitorspushchairhood does!" How can the other reviews claim it is wind and waterproof?!
Anyone who has had a raspberry can explain how you survived with this hood?

I'm so sad and disappointed, as I like everything else especially the freestanding fold.

I also tried to lift the empty buggy and it is definitely the heaviest one I could possibly lift to put it in the boot. I don't think I would manage with anything heavier so it is against the mosey that I hoped for but haven't found in any shop yet.


Lolarosie09 Mon 14-Nov-16 19:42:36

That's a shame about the raspberry, I've never had any issues with the hood, yes it's thinner than most but my little girl prods and pulls at it but it's never been pulled out of shape. I agree about the weight when I asked about this in stores they told me that the weight capability was higher than the competitors. This is good as my little girl fits in it nicely.

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