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16 month old + newborn

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bigfriendlygiant Fri 28-Oct-16 20:03:07

Buggy advice, please!

DS will be 16 months when DD is born. What's the best option:

Double buggy - DS might not want to use it that much and they're huge and often don't come with a backward facing option for the baby??

New travel system/pram and get a buggy board to attach + sling - but will DS be too heavy, too young for the board??

Stick with the buggy we have now and keep the baby in a sling??

I'm confusing myself and almost just ordered both a new travel system AND a double buggy - but this might be the best option??


Artandco Sat 12-Nov-16 20:56:40

We did the sling, board, single option with 15month gap. Basically baby in sling first 6 months mainly, so elder can use pram and practice Board combo. Then by 20-24months elder on board and baby in pram, with sling underneath to Swap around if needed
Boba 4g sling is good or manduca as can use for newborn or toddler without extra inserts so can decide as and when whether to have baby in sling on front or toddler on back

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