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Please solve my pushchair dilemma

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Popgoestheronweasley Fri 28-Oct-16 17:33:02

I've been going round the houses on pushchairs for months and it's driving me mad so I need help!

Any advice very welcome.

We had a P&T navigator for dc1 as we planned dc2 with a short age gap. We hated it though - we found it heavy, cumbersome and very easy to tip so when we had dc2 we bought an out n about nipper double which we really really loved (although dc2 didn't love so much as she wanted to see me and couldn't). The out n about recently had to go though as we hadn't used it as a double for months and months as dc1 likes to walk everywhere. Now we have a 2nd hand bugaboo bee which we planned to use around town and have dc2 in a carrier to off road and it's great in some ways, mainly that dc2 is much happier parent facing but it's just not sturdy and robust enough for us because we really do need an off-road pushchair as carrying dc2 isn't working for my back.

So we have a budget of £150 and have considered the following options:

- mountain buggy urban jungle or swift - robust but neither parent face
- out n about nipper single - loved the double but again doesn't parent face
- Jane slalom reverse - mixed reviews online and not sure if it'll be good for a bigger toddler, plus seems very heavy
- babyjogger versa gt - not sure if it's off road enough
-babyjogger city mini gt - can't get one in budget and doesn't parent face

We need pushchair to cope with rooty woods, gravel, mud, and be OK round town.

Dc2 who will be using it is 14 months and quite a sturdy size so makes the bee look quite small and flimsy. She is happy to walk but can't walk far enough (dog walking) yet.

There is unlikely to be a dc3 but it would be nice to have a pushchair which would be ok for a newborn and buggy board just in case or last dc2 till she stops needing a pushchair.

I would love any advice/views people have

Boredomismyenemy Fri 28-Oct-16 17:37:49

I had a britax b smart 3. It will do what you want. Coped fine in woods with front wheel locked. Very manoeuvrable in town. Not sure if they still make it, was 5 years ago now.

Laquila Fri 28-Oct-16 17:41:32

Babyjogger Versa GT is great off-road -big, "forever air tyres" and a slightly bouncy chassis (but not rickety, IYKWIM). I've had it for 3 years now (2 babies) and I love it! Having said that I loved my second-hand P&T Explorer too, but sold it on again once my older one was old enough to go on the buggy board on the Versa. City Mini GT is great too, and a bit smaller than the Versa, but as you say, it doesn't parent-face. IMHO, for your criteria I don't think you can do better than a second-hand Versa GT.

gruber Fri 28-Oct-16 17:47:36

Nipper. If dc3 does happen you can get a carrycot attachment. Plus, I found my ds was happier facing out as he got older gradually - it won't be such a big deal in 6-8 months as it is now. The nipper would also still fit him now at 3.5 so if you needed to swap children you could easily fit DC1 in and put dc2 in the sling.
Also, what sling have you got? I'd recommend a Manduca, Tula or Ergo if you want to continue carrying. We had a Manduca, it was fab.

gruber Fri 28-Oct-16 17:50:11

Also, one other family I know had a nipper that lasted 3 children, 7 years and went on dog walks nearly every day - plus beach, sand etc. It really is robust. We had ours from birth (as a lighter pushchair) - it coped with everything from woods, beach, holidays, took it to Belgium on the Eurostar...

Enidblyton1 Fri 28-Oct-16 17:53:56

I guess it all depends how important parent facing is.
She likes parent facing now, but you may compromise on a great pushchair to achieve it - she might be fine forward facing as she gets older. Nipper and Mountain buggy both seem great (I haven't owned one, but I have seen friends using them)
We had a City Mini, which was light and good off road. However, I think they're a bit expensive now - back in 2011 when they were new in the UK we bought ours for £160, but I think they are quite a bit more now? I sold ours on eBay for £80 (in great condition) so you could always look there if you don't mind second hand.

RandomMess Fri 28-Oct-16 18:00:06

I think you need to go nipper and she'll have to put up with not being parent facing, I doubt she'll be bothered in a few months or so especially as the choice will be walk or ride...

Popgoestheronweasley Fri 28-Oct-16 19:26:08

Thank you for all your advice.

You're right about parent facing changing, I was hoping it would not be an issue by now as it would be an easy decision to get a nipper single if I removed that criteria but she's pretty vocal about her current dislike for facing away from me! And I'm weak about it - she may be my last dc so I sort of want to hang on to her facing me and babbling away. I might need to get over it to make the choice easier though.

Gruber - we have a lillebaby complete, it's been amazing since we moved on from a mobywrap (took me too long to tie it and dc1 is not patient) but it's not working well for us now. I will look at the ones you suggest - I would love to carry her longer if I can. Part of the problem is neither of us like a back carry so whatever carrier we get has to work as a front carry despite her size...

gruber Fri 28-Oct-16 23:03:25

hi, All of the ones I suggested should work both front and back. You might also like to try a Mei tai or a wrap tai, depending on what feels comfy for you in the front. When I had a 22 month gap my Manduca was my go to sling as it is full buckle and I could get it on quickly while placating the other child!

Re: parent facing, I know your dilemma. DS was much happier being able to see me, preferably in physical contact with me (hence a wide variety of slings!) but we had a massive parent facing pram which was fantastic, warm and cosy, but sometimes just too big to take out somewhere. He had to just put up wth the Nipper at that point! I found having the sling to hand helpful as I could alternate. I appreciate dog walks aren't quite the same! Hope you find a solution you're happy with.

Hufflepuffin Sat 29-Oct-16 14:24:14

Versa gt would be great for you!

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