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BJCMGT v Cybex Eternis/Agis M3

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Yeeyeelovesraaraa Wed 26-Oct-16 17:39:29

If you have owned both - which did you prefer & why? I've narrowed my pushchair choice down to these 2 models - want it for my almost 2 year old so need a nice roomy seat. I like some of the features of the Cybex better than the gt BUT as its fairly new there are very few reviews & I'm bit worried to buy it without trying irl. The gt on the other hand does pretty much everything I want - my only reservation is the seat size & how much growing room she'll have since it says up to 15kg? Any advice welcomed! Thanks

witchmountain Thu 27-Oct-16 13:51:45

The 15kg weight limit is something to do with the standard tests that are done here rather than the actual capacity. If you look on their US website the max child weight for the same pushchair is listed as 65lbs which is almost 30kg!

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