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Help! Problem with the suppliers..

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Motherof2monkeys Tue 25-Oct-16 16:18:25

Please help, 8 purchased my babystyle oyster switch January 2016. After 4 months little things started breaking,
1st - a popper on the material clipping the sides up
2nd - a clip on the shopping basket that was never used,
3rd - this was a major one, - clip on the side that held the whole buggy together,
4th - the other popper went on the material.
I spoke with stroll on baby, Exeter who happily said that I could bring it in and they would send it back to babystlye for me to claim on the warranty. Having 2 kids under the age of 2 and not driving at that time was a nightmare trying to get it returned it took about a month. Before I sent it back I spoke to a lady at babystyle who was lovely and I explained that didn't want a repair or a replacement as having a pushchair that broke after a few months did not make me happy so I explained I wanted an exchange or store credit for another one of there pushchairs which I wouldn't mind possibly paying a little extra for a stronger one, she said that would possibly be okay and to return it and see what they could do. I did that and emailed babystyle to confirm that and then 2 days later I get a text from stroll on baby saying my pushchair has been fixed. I am not happy to say the least, I wasn't contacted about what was happening or what they could do, not even a short discussion. I then email them to say this and I received a message implying that my problem was with stroll on baby and the rest just sounded like they had copied and pasted it from a script. I the reply saying that I'm not happy AGAIN, to be told that my message has been passed on and that was that, no reply for 4 days. What should I do??? angry

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