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Outgrowing Baby Jogger city mini for twins?

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sallysnowchick Mon 24-Oct-16 11:31:22


This is my first post so hope I'm in the right place!
I just wanted to ask how long your double buggy (for twins) lasted them.
My twins are 12 months and in their winter coats hardly fit into their double buggy anymore! It is a baby jogger city mini. It's done us well so far, but if they are struggling to fit in their seats now, what's it going to be like next winter! We got the buggy as it was the smallest that would fit into my super small car (VW up!), but now I'm wondering have other Mums found this to be a problem? Did you have to purchase another buggy after a year or two? My boys are average size - they've just been weighed at c.22 lbs each and are on the 50th centile.
Any help appreciated.

ImNotAFlower Mon 24-Oct-16 11:39:15

Would thinner coats and footmuff help?
I have got a city mini single and my 2 year old has plenty of room- but that's unhelpful soooo.... will a maclearen double fit on the boot of the car? I used a triple one of those and all three 1 year olds had plenty of room.
Good luck!!

sallysnowchick Tue 25-Oct-16 20:28:36

Thanks for your message. I've never used footmuffs and thinner coats are ok when the weather is cooler but they have winter coats for colder weather. I don't think the Maclaren double will fit as it's one of the ones I looked at originally but I might re-look at that if you say it's roomy. Wow - 3 one year olds - hats off to you!

thenightmanageress Tue 25-Oct-16 20:35:45

We had a double Out 'n' about nipper for our twins. Both are 75th percentile and we had huge paddled coats last winter. They had plenty of space in their seats and could pop the muffs over too when it was extra cold.

moggle Fri 28-Oct-16 20:41:48

I've found that my daughter has only really grown up not out since she started walking. She's been in the same size nappies since 8m, she's 2 next week!! So you may find they still fit in the harnesses next winter?

idontlikealdi Fri 28-Oct-16 20:47:12

The my twins were in the BJCM until they were nearly 4! They had winter coats and footmuffs. I don't think there are many buggies that have a bigger seat than the BJCM twin - have you pulled the straps up at the back and lengthend as far as possible?

sallysnowchick Tue 01-Nov-16 14:31:01

Thanks. I'll take a look to see if I can lengthen the straps any more. They must be fat, not tall, as it's hard to squeeze them into the seats, lol. They are now on size 6 nappies, which are way above their weight range, but the only ones that will do up around their middles. Fat little tummies maybe.

AndNowItsSeven Tue 01-Nov-16 14:33:41

A babyjogger should be fine until age four as pp says. My four year old ( also in size six nappies) sometimes hitches a ride if one of his two year old twins sisters want to walk.

HughLauriesStubble Tue 01-Nov-16 14:34:33

I had a city mini double until recently and my almost 3 year old who is big for his age still fit fine in it with his winter coat. Definitely try lengthening the straps. I think the city mini double supposedly has one of the more generously sized seats.

DebratsEtiquette Tue 01-Nov-16 14:42:06

We started with an iCandy, after a year it was too heavy so swapped for a double maclaren which was simple to use/put in car. However, when the snow came the next year it was impossible to push with two x 2.5 year olds so ended up buying a Phil and teds (but one always seemed squashed underneath). Felt we were really wasteful but it seemed necessary due to the snow (I think the maclaren was almost dead too - I use to walk a lot!). If it hadn't snowed that year I think I'd have just replaced the maclaren with another one and that would've been much cheaper.

Kaz18 Thu 10-Nov-16 21:42:08

I know exactly what you mean. I have 10 month old twins and when they were last weighed in September one of them was over 26lb (off the centile scale!) and now that I've had to start putting their bigger coats on he seems very wide when trying to get him in the bjcm. He's fine once he's in and strapped in so I'm hoping come next year he'll still be fine (I'm hoping he's going to stop putting on weight once he's walking) and hopefully I'll get away with a thinner coat for him as he will be able to tell me if he's cold.

moggle Fri 11-Nov-16 07:49:34

Just want to make sure you know you can lengthen the crotch strap, if you haven't already that might give you a few extra inches.

sallysnowchick Sun 13-Nov-16 19:57:39

Kaz18, thanks for your post: I am not the only one with this problem! But why are we having trouble squeezing our babies in, when most people say the buggy is plenty big enough?! I have lengthened the straps and crotch strap to full length and can only just do it up around their middles - they are not big for their age. Now, am I putting them in too many layers?? When it's cold - ie under double figures like it's been recently, I put them in vests, thin tops, jumpers or cardis, trousers or dungarees and thick winter coats. Following the advice of dressing them as I would dress myself according to the temperature. (Plus hats, hoods, gloves and booties - but obviously they don't make any difference to the size of the buggy seat.)

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