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Trouble with Kiddicare/Cybex?

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MikeW2 Sun 09-Oct-16 19:41:03

Has anyone had trouble with goods that go wrong from Kiddicare/Cybex?

We bought a Cybex Iris-M Air pushchair in May. Kiddicare supplied the wrong adaptors so it wouldn’t fit the pram or car seat then failed to sort it out – Cybex finally did themselves. Now it’s gone badly wrong (the pram leans 20 degrees head down so our baby regurgitates and chokes when sleeping). Kiddicare collected it then told us it would be 14-28 days even to be inspected. Offered a loan pushchair but then said we couldn’t have one. Won’t supply a replacement. Couldn't leave the house with our 4 month old baby – eventually had to buy a cheap temporary replacement. Can’t talk to anyone at Kiddicare – they’ve disconnected their phone line. What a terrible company. Cybex no help either.

BristolLFR Sun 09-Oct-16 19:49:00

Did you buy it on credit card? Could you claim back off the bank of so?

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