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Lightweight stroller for over 15kg

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PragmaticWench Thu 06-Oct-16 21:15:27

Similar to an earlier thread but I'm looking particularly for an umbrella-fold, lightweight stroller for DS. He's just over 15kg at 22 months, and we need something lightweight to take on holiday. It needs to fold right up and weigh little as we're flying, but most strollers seem to have a 15kg limit.

I'd also like to use it here over the next year as he gradually stops needing a push chair.

timeforachangeithink Thu 06-Oct-16 21:16:09

Silver cross pop had a 25kg limit, so do some baby joggers I believe.

Quinny zapp Xtra2

Brilliant puahchair, I don't know the limit but my tall, chunky nearly 3 year old was in it over the summer

It's not an umberella fold but it folds very small 😳

PickAChew Thu 06-Oct-16 21:24:28

We used the original Quinny Zapp, kindly passed onto us by a friend, for DS2. The extra bit of height of the seat was as useful as anything - but we had to stop using it when he started leaning over the sides.

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