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Help! Britax affinity 2 or Cybex Iris M-arir?

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MadreEnUK Thu 06-Oct-16 12:49:08


After reading reviews for months and lots of visits to different stores and the baby and toddler show I have managed to shortlist my options for pushchairs to two:

1) Cybex Iris M-Air
As it is a new model there aren't many reviews. In this case the main selling point for me are: feels good to manouver and with one hand, one hand folding. Big basket! Light weight, easy use of breaks (I have tried ones that are a little hard and wouldn't work for me during summer).
The downside for me, compering it with the Britax, is that is a little lower that the Britax, and not sure how much difference would that make as it looks I will have a cesarean.

Also, anybody that has a cybex and use their pushchair with more than only one kid? How's the durability?

2) Britax affinity 2
It has a peakaboo window, easy to manouver, light as well. But folding you need 2 hands. Basket is almost half the size of the cybex, but good height, it looks really well padded the seat and the seat liner that comes with it (cybex doesn't include it). Bigger wheels, which should take better movements.

Any opinions you have on these pushchairs will really help and I would like to make a decision before the 22nd of October as I will be going to the baby show, hoping to buy it there.

Thanks in advance!


Tiggywunkle Tue 11-Oct-16 11:14:37

I can only help based on overall experience, and having looked at the Iris.
The Britax is lovely. It has a luxury feel and a great push. I found the small basket a bit too small for me. The pushchair is also on the heavy side. I think if you walk a lot straight from your front door, then I would get the Britax.
However there is no doubt for me that I would be getting the Iris. It is practical, roomy, lighter, easier to fold etc. I wouldn't worry about the seat height at all. Believe me you will be fine. I had a lower pushchair after 2 C-Sections, and you won't want to go far until you are ready to do so. You will be up and around and doing far more than you ever imagined within 4-6 weeks. So by the time you are driving alone, you will be fine. It is a matter of inches anyway.

SherryChristmas Mon 28-Nov-16 11:16:51

I appreciate it's been a while since this was posted but we bought the Affinity and have loved it. We had a Bugaboo Chameleon at first and hated it - a horror to push and fold - stylish but poor engineering quality. It did however take (with adaptors) the Britax SH2 car seat, which was the only one I could easily use ( because the release button is on the handle, and with arthritis in my joints it was easy to do, unlike the others on the market).

We then looked at Britax because of their easy peasy click and go system, so no adaptors required, and ended up with an Affinity.

We really like the Affinity. It is a pleasure to push. The seat on the original Affinity was a bit tight for our older one as he grew, but the new one has a larger seat so that has sorted that problem. I found it easy to assemble, and to get it in and out of the car. Really loved it.

With another, very recent, new arrival, we have just bought a second hand Britax B Dual. (It was during the time this summer when Britax stopped producing the B Dual, waiting for their new model, the B Ready, to come in). However we are not finding that as easy to use as we had hoped (going up kerbs is a struggle, and there really isn't enough room for our toddler to sit in the rumble seat when the carrycot is in place above, and we would have to buy the soft carrycot to put the baby in the lower position which seems a bit low anyway. It's also a lot of pieces to store) so have just bought an Out and About double which is a pleasure to use, though at the loss of the parent facing part. Still got the Affinity though for the times we only have to take one out. It's worth noting though that most buggies - including the Britax - only go to 17k weight limit - about 3 years old, and that's just not long enough for us ( another reason why we went to the Out n About which goes to 5 years, as does Mountain Buggy).

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