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Which Pram for toddler with newborn in sling?

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poppetsandbears Wed 05-Oct-16 15:07:11

I have a 2.5 yr old and a newborn. I will carry my newborn in a sling mostly until near 1 and would like a pram predominately for my eldest until then, and then for one year old with buggy board. We walk a lot, take public transport.

Fits a buggy board comfortably
Toddler can climb in and out unassisted
But her feet won't drag on ground
One handed steering
Easy to bump up and down curbs
Easy to access big basket (as crouching down with baby in sling tricky and loads of stuff)
Easy to push/ light as also carrying baby
Sturdy so won't tip on bus/ if heavy bag on back
Can go on grass in park
Adjustable handle useful as I'm short and dh tall
Hand break useful as I like wearing sandles
From newborn helpful

Currently have a cheapy umbrella stroller which is lacking lots of above

Was thinking bjcm gt but noticed it is only to 15kg and worried toddler will grow out of it soon (currently 13kg)

Any advice?

poppetsandbears Wed 05-Oct-16 15:09:27

Did look at getting another umbrella stroller, but wondered if a 'big wheel' pram would be easier to bump up and down curbs? We have one step to get into our house and I find it such an effort to drag our stroller up with baby in sling!

Mol1628 Fri 07-Oct-16 14:20:34

Out n about would be good for all those things except the basket. It doesn't have great storage but I manage ok with a buggy clip for lighter things.
We have an awkward narrow double step to our house and I can drag the pram in one handed no problem.
Brake is also sandal friendly.

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