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Double Buggy Decisions!!

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sarah606 Sun 25-Sep-16 22:32:19

Advice needed please!!

I'm expecting my second child, and my first son will be 20 months old when I'm due.

I want to get a double buggy as my first son has only just started walking and I have back problems so struggle to carry him. The thought of having to walk at a slow pace and control his direction worries me.

My other half thinks we only need a single pram with a buggy board for my son to stand on. He believes double buggies are just a gimmick and as he's walking he'll just stand on the board when he's tired?

At twenty months will my son still need / want to get in a pram? And what age do they stop using prams???? Any advice really appreciated!

Mol1628 Tue 27-Sep-16 13:09:03

I needed a double with a 26month gap and used it till eldest was three. Buggy boards are no good for tantruming child, snoozing on a long walk home, trying to keep an eye on them in shops.

tangledg Tue 27-Sep-16 13:12:08

12 months between mine. I have two cheap single strollers for when there is me & DP and an iCandy peach 3 blossom, which I used from when my second was born. I'd definitely suggest a double.

lalaloopyhead Tue 27-Sep-16 13:14:50

Yep, many moons ago but I had a double (though tandems were the fashion back then!) with a 2.5yr age gap. My DD wouldn't stand on a moving buggy board for anything! Handy for a sleepy child, or if you just want to crack on, also good for extra shopping.

tangledg Tue 27-Sep-16 13:21:45

12 months between mine. I have two cheap single strollers for when there is me & DP and an iCandy peach 3 blossom, which I used from when my second was born. I'd definitely suggest a double.

tangledg Tue 27-Sep-16 13:22:15

Sorry for the repost!

MyBreadIsEggy Tue 27-Sep-16 13:24:10

I'm expecting my second baby in 5 weeks, Dd will be just turning 18 months. I've gone ahead and got a second hand iCandy Peach Blossom. Probably won't be using it as a double with the carrycot very much, I'll more than likely carry newborn DS in a sling/carrier because I figure he will be warmer in there during the winter while he's tiny than he will be in the carrycot!
We went for a double as my Dd is still way too little for a buggy board, and still occasionally naps in the pushchair if we are out during her midday nap time.

BikeRunSki Tue 27-Sep-16 13:29:36

If your older child still naps, you (and he) will appreciate a double.

If its's hilly round your way, or you're not very tall, or if dc1 is tall, or if your existing buggy has a single piece handle, a buggy board may not work for you anyway.

I have a 37 month gap, but I still had a double. I didn't need it for long, but it was mighty useful for those first 6 months!

MaisieDotes Tue 27-Sep-16 13:34:10

I have a nearly 18 month gap and I have the Mountain buggy duet. It's narrow and can go everywhere.

I'd love to not have to bother with it, tbh, but the reality is I need it. DS1 is 25mo now and DS2 is nearly 8mo, and I will be using it for at least another six months. Maybe longer if DS1 is tired coming home from nursery when he starts.

Soubriquet Tue 27-Sep-16 13:39:14

I had an almost 2 year gap between mine

Dh was adamant we didn't need a double

I insisted on a double and it was used for around 6 months before the oldest wanted to walk everywhere

Couldn't have done without it though

We used an out n about 360

MrsMarigold Tue 27-Sep-16 13:45:00

I have a fifteen month age gap and had a double buggy for a good two years, I too have a bad back and found it invaluable. I hated the buggy board, (lascal) as it made me arch/hunch my back in an uncomfortable way. I had an out 'n' about nipper 360 and it was great, it was easy to steer one handed, cheapish, and I could get on London buses easily, had big tyres and was light. Although this was a few years ago I've tested friends' newer tandems etc and none seemed as good. It was crap to fit in the car and the basket was a bit small and not really good to hang stuff off the back but overall the positives outweighed the negatives. Only other comparable buggy was the baby jogger mini. Good luck and congratulations.

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