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pram for 95th percentile 2yr old

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julez12 Sun 25-Sep-16 22:19:31

currently have a mama & papas armadillo which is fab but the handle is too low for both of us as it cannot be adjusted. can anyone suggest other alternatives? thankyou

Our kids are both tall as are we and the maclaren techno xt has served us well.

TooTweeOrNotTooTwee Sun 25-Sep-16 22:24:53

Baby jogger city mini works well for our tall 2.5 year old. No adjustable handlebar but I find it comfortable and I'm quite tall.

julez12 Sun 25-Sep-16 23:39:48

thankyou. tried a cosatto buggy but they kept trailing their toes and were able to stand on the ground even whilst strapped in. i like the sturdy roomy strong seat of the armadillo and its difficult for child to stand up in

MumOfTwoMasterOfNone Sun 25-Sep-16 23:46:31

I have a very large 2.5 year old and have just bought a baby jogger city elite and I LOVE it. Handles so well and he loves being in it and it's got big tyres (come off easily if size is an issue) and it's a really smooth ride. I feel stupid for having anything else now. I hated our old pram and it was more expensive blush

MumOfTwoMasterOfNone Sun 25-Sep-16 23:48:30

He was always 98.6th centile and I for height/weight and I would say it will last him ages yet.

AppleMagic Sun 25-Sep-16 23:50:04

We have a baby jogger city mini gt for our tall 2yr old. The seat is huge and it's very sturdy. The handle doesn't adjust much (it pivots up and down rather than extending) but it's high enough for me 5'10 and dh over 6'.

JoMalones Sun 25-Sep-16 23:55:18

I agree with baby jogger too! The city mini gt or the elite. In other countries they are tested beyond 15kg (6 year old fits comfortably in both)

firawla Mon 26-Sep-16 00:03:17

Out & about nipper 360. We had the double version and my ds2 comfortably fitted in there til he was about 5! So height and high centiles wouldn't be an issue with it

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