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Which pushchair is best?

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Jules6525 Sun 04-Sep-16 17:25:01

We went pushchair shopping today and literally have no idea which one to get. We looked at bugaboo but felt it was so expensive, silver cross seems to be my favourite at the moment, what are everyones thoughts on silver cross? Also we looked at i-candy.

We have decided that the lay flat carry cot part is not worth getting as they are only in it for a short amount of time, so we did look at ones you could get from birth that don't have the carry cot.

We did look at quinny, Joie, and babylo... Any suggestions and reviews would be greatly appreciated.

CoconutAndVanilla Sun 04-Sep-16 17:28:34

If the silver cross is your favourite go with it smile but I swear by Bugaboo pushchairs.

TheHubblesWindscreenWipers Sun 04-Sep-16 21:10:32

There's no one best one, but there are best ones for specific needs, I think.

My advice would be to think about your lifestyle. I'd go for something that:

Is reasonably compact and light
That folds easily
Adjustable handle height
That has a reversible seat
That has a seat that reclines flat (no bucket seats) and goes bolt upright
Big hood
Decent basket
That folds quite compact so it fits in the car with enough room to spare
That has tyres that suit your life - rural will need bigger wheels that urban for example

The rest depends on your lifestyle. If you'll never need to fold it and only ever walk around your country estate, you'll need a very different buggy to someone who needs to access public transport / put in the car a lot.

We have an easywalker mosey and I love it to bits. Bugaboo bee is great if you're urban

The bestbuggy uk website is very good - loads of good reviews and pictures.

Sleepybeanbump Sun 04-Sep-16 21:26:41

Silver cross never seems to get good reviews and I get the impression they are bad quality and trading on old reputation.

Icandy are overpriced shite. I own a Peach off road bought second hand and it is the work of Satan. Going to sell it. I hate it anyway but if I'd paid the full £1k for it new I would be livid. All the buttons to adjust it and remove bits are impossible and stiff and it takes two hands and a lot of struggling to to do everything. The bar has to be removed on both sides as opposed to swivelling on one side. The build quality of the bassinet and buggy seat is shoddy and cheap. Feels hard and uncomfortable. The hood clicks loudly every time you move it and wakes sleeping babies. Major niggle of a lot of owners. The harness on the buggy is impossible to adjust and difficult to do up and remove. It's just awful in every respect. No redeeming features.

Bugaboo are ok and good quality although I don't personally like them particularly. The baskets are small though and a niggle of friends who own them. The carrycots are very long though which increases usage time.

BUY AN UPPABABY. I have a Cruz and know loads of people with Vistas. No one has a bad word about them. I LOVE my cruz. One hand to do everything. Integral sunshade in hood (don't underestimate the usefulness of this). Lovely feel and quality, especially for price. Bassinet in particular is such lovely lovely quality. You can buy a stand for it (fixes securely so useful for much longer than the silly standard Moses basket stands) and can convert to a laundry basket later! Suitable for overnight sleeping. We used it 24 hours a day for all sleeps and naps for the first few months. Was The only thing DS would sleep in. HUGE shopping baskets. Just so so ergonomic and easy to use and well designed. Excellent accessory range- the only pram I know to offer a wedge insert to create lay flat position in buggy seat for that awkward inbetween stage around 4/5 months when babies are too long for bassinet but too small to sit up in a buggy seat. When I was pram shopping I got stopped by other mums saying 'buy an Uppababy, I love mine!' And I now do the same thing. I've got mum friends on their third kids who say they wish they'd known about Uppababy when they had their first.

Glamorousglitter Sun 04-Sep-16 21:51:00

I m on my third baby in 10 years,
(Am a paeds/ developmental Physio too)

I would suggest if you have plans for more children, to consider that when you buy your buggy - I know many that boight expensive single buggies only to have to sell them on when DC 2 arrived and they found they needed a buggy for 2.

We had a bugaboo cameleon with dc1, DC 2 2 years later we used the bugaboo pram until baby could sit safely then a Phil and teds for a double and bugaboo for a single when DC 1 was in Montessori.

DC 3 and we re still using the bugaboo cameleon

Light weight (relatively) compact easy to dissamble and put together sturdy and hard wearing
Pram is long for tall babies

Seat offers 3 recline settings (this is super for when baby is first transferred from pram to seat as they can be reckoned in seated position and they don't slump forward or to the side and also they can nap comfortable in it.

Seat can be forward and rear facing (super for keeping an eye on them of when they nap)

Lots of nice colours (I ve changed mine a few times )

Easy to maintain and good customer service - we be replaced wheel s, bars etc and bits that have worn out through wear and tear and it looks as good as new still.

Cons - but faff to get used to taking it apart !

It s actually quite low to the ground - so if you re tall good idea to try it out !

The seat itself is not that long if you have a tall toddler they might not fit it after a time

user1468344221 Mon 05-Sep-16 07:58:46

Hi, I've got the 4 wheel icandy peach and i think it's fantastic, really solid and well made. It's not the lightest i tried but i found it the easiest to fold (you can do it one handed) and the nicest to push. I preferred it to bugaboo as that felt too rickety, and the uppababy was was too big for me!

Jules6525 Tue 06-Sep-16 16:55:28

Thank you all so much, so many helpful comments.

Jules6525 Sun 11-Sep-16 12:25:06

Has anyone had any experience with the Oyster 2?

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