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Mamas and papas

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zombiemum123 Sat 03-Sep-16 21:15:44

I have a sola city.. They have stopped selling these and now are selling sola city 2... I love my pram and want to keep it for the next one but does anyone know if the sola city 2 pram would fit on to the original city?

zombiemum123 Sun 04-Sep-16 10:58:07


Mol1628 Wed 07-Sep-16 13:42:21

Why not message mamas and papas and ask them directly? smile

dylsmimi Wed 07-Sep-16 13:43:33

I don't know sorry but why do you need a new pram if you already have one you love and want to use? I'm confused sorry!!

zombiemum123 Wed 07-Sep-16 14:08:16

To keep for baby number 2! X

zombiemum123 Wed 07-Sep-16 14:09:32

It's only push chair not pram but you use to be able to get pram that goes on the base too

CRazzyyAce Wed 07-Sep-16 14:10:30

Your are best to ring there customer services who can best advise you.

dylsmimi Wed 07-Sep-16 16:01:18

Yes I realised it was for a second baby
So you want to know if the carrycot of the sola city 2 will fit onto the base of the sola city?
I think they often fit with adapters like the maxi cosi ones for the car seats but best go into the shop or ring them

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