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Tandem where the seat nearest handle is the higher seat...

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BendydickCuminsnatch Sun 28-Aug-16 09:17:04

... If you get my drift!

I bought the oyster max for DC1, thinking I was V smart in forward planning for a small gap and would only ever need to own one pushchair grin However it a tandem where the seat at the back nearest the handles is the lowest down, as in the picture, so the kid in that seat has a view of the front seat and is really near the ground, which feels a bit harsh. Also you lose the basket this way!

I've since seen the Babyjogger City Select, which has the front seat lower and the back seat higher, which makes so much more sense. Just wondering if there are other pushchairs with this configuration? Can anyone recommend please? Thanks!

BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 30-Aug-16 12:07:23

Anyone? smile

Fourormore Tue 30-Aug-16 12:08:37

I think the uppababy vista with rumble seat has the back seat higher than the front seat.

Cazaboo80 Tue 30-Aug-16 12:33:17

I have the Uppababy vista and no 2 on the way. Also having reservations about the whole tandem thing. But love my vista!!! This is how the vista does 2 seats.

BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 31-Aug-16 14:16:45

Oh ace that one looks good too! That's what I'm after.

Cazaboo80 Wed 31-Aug-16 14:32:19

I have started a post looking for honest opinions on the vista as a tandem. Keep an eye on it as may be useful!

MiaowTheCat Sat 03-Sep-16 19:37:27

Honestly - I wouldn't overthink the lower seat view thing. It actually usually turns out that they love the bottom seat as a little den and being able to peek out of the edges at people and they bicker OVER the seat that you worried about no one wanting to sit in anyway!

Mol1628 Sun 04-Sep-16 03:57:55

Yes my then 2yo loved the bottom seat on the bdual I had. He would put the hood up and make a den. Also he liked to look through the shopping hmm

He always asked to go in the bottom. I don't like tandems though, too heavy.

minipie Wed 14-Sep-16 11:33:45

Vista 2015 version (looks great)
Mountain Buggy +one
ABC design zoom

However, I agree that if you already own the Oyster Max, don't worry too much about the lower down seat thing - see what happens. Your DC2 may be absolutely happy to go in the lower seat.

You don't really lose the basket till DC2's legs get long enough to go into the basket which isn't till 6+months unless you have giant children. It does become harder to access though. We have a phil & teds which has the lower tandem seat and I use a large "buggy buddy" organiser thing which hangs off the handlebar - that takes snacks drinks hats etc so the basket being inaccessible is less of an issue.

Also you can get Hamster Bags which hang off the sides if you need to carry bulky stuff.

Tiggywunkle Thu 15-Sep-16 16:47:36

I agree with Miaow, don't underestimate how much children love the seat below the main one. They like 'hiding'. It is like a den. My DD used to bag her place even before we left the house!

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