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Toddler and newborn, will I need a double?

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BonesyBones Fri 26-Aug-16 18:53:50

DS2 will be 2 and a half when new baby is born in January. He is already a confident walker and will do the school run or to the shops and even on the bus to the supermarket with reins, no problem at all. But, he likes the option of the buggy, he gets in if he's tired and still uses it to nap if we are out all day.

He's also never had to walk anywhere in winter weather, ice and snow, strong winds etc. So i don't know how he would cope with that.

I don't want to buy a double and not need it, or only use it for a month, but equally don't want to buy a single and end up needing a double.
Ideally I don't want to put off buying until nearer the time as frankly we are terrible with money and can't guarantee we'll have it then.

What age gap did you have and what did you find worked best? If you bought a double did you get enough use out of it to make it worthwhile? Are there any other options? (baby in carrier and toddler in buggy is one we're considering), anything else?

Youaremysunshinemyonlysun Fri 26-Aug-16 18:58:41

My Dd was two when my Ds arrived, she too is a great walker but often asks for carrys, etc so we brought the baby jogger city select that can be used as a solo or as a double. Very handy for both to nap etc, we also have the buggy board for smaller trips - that might work?

Blueredballoon Fri 26-Aug-16 19:00:09

We had a 21 month gap and didn't bother with a double. We got a Connecta carrier and used that in combination with the pushchair and it was brilliant. We're still using the combination almost a year on and have never once thought about getting a double. We sometimes use the connecta to carry our toddler too (on back) and it's been great.

IwannaSnorlax Fri 26-Aug-16 19:16:11

We had 23 month age gap & had a double which we used loads. We also had a buggy board but really did need the double (& my boys are great walkers!)

ayeokthen Fri 26-Aug-16 19:17:58

There are 11 months between ours, I struggled with a double for 10 months but after that DD was happy to walk. I bought a buggy board which folded up but she could hop on if she got tired. Works great!

SprogletsMum Sun 28-Aug-16 09:20:04

My dc3 will be 2 and a half when I have dc4 I'm not having a double but I do have a car and a sling for if dc3 needs to go in the buggy.
If I didn't have the car I would definitely get a double.

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