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Maclaren Quest or Techno cut

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Heatherbell1978 Tue 23-Aug-16 13:18:56

I found an old thread on this but a number of years out of date and both buggies have been updated recently. Looking to buy one or the other for 2 yr old. We need something more lightweight and easy fold as he no longer sits happily in his BJCN on bus/train. I'm pregnant with #2 so we'll get decent use from it. The quest is cheaper (in JL at the mo) and advantage looks like it'll take a car seat where techno won't which will be useful for #2. But everyone seems to love the techno more. Any thoughts?

SloanePeterson Tue 23-Aug-16 13:24:45

Does a quest really take a car seat now? I know Maclaren did make a stroller that took one years ago as we looked for dc2 (the XLR I think?) I've had a quest and a techno and it all depends. Techno is much easier to push with a larger child in it as the wheels are bigger, but that does make it bigger and heavier. Dh preferred it as he's tall and the handles could adjust. Quest is lighter and smaller. I'm not sure I'd put a car seat in it as tbh maclarens have very little suspension and I'd think it would be a bit shaky and rattley. On balance I think I actually preferred the quest, but at the time we had no car and it was perfect for trains and buses, and I could pick the whole thing up, dc and all, and lug it up stairs if needed.

Heatherbell1978 Tue 23-Aug-16 14:56:23

I was a bit surprised but in the product description on the JL site it says 'yes' under car seat compatible. I'll need to ask the question. Sounds like techno might suit us better as I'm used to bigger wheels on other buggy but price difference is quite a lot!

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