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Uppababy Vista as a tandem.....

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greenlizard Fri 19-Aug-16 10:00:08

For a 19th month toddler and new born. Can anyone recommend or otherwise? I have read good reviews as a singles but some reviews are it's too much of a beast as a double especially with the toddler at the front.

I have looked at side by sides double pushchairs but I just can't imagine getting them anywhere - they are so wide! I have a Baby Jogger City Mini GT as a single which is great but the double I would have to buy a separate carrycot and you can't have a car seat on it.

I am driving myself a bit bonkers on the subject and am now 30 weeks so needed to crack on with making my mind up.


moggle Fri 19-Aug-16 17:33:40

What about the mountain buggy duet? Supposed to be the narrowest side by side. No experience myself of doubles but the one person I know with the uppababy tandem and a similar age gap finds it too heavy and unwieldy. Her toddler tends to just ride in the basket of it as a single!! But she's looking for a side by side now as he cant do that much longer.
With a 19m gap you could be using the double for quite a while so I would definitely try and get something you be happy with for a while and that will still push ok with two toddlers in.

Tiggywunkle Sat 20-Aug-16 23:12:42

I think you will naturally lean towards a tandem or a side by side. I have had a good number of side by sides, but tandems are what I prefer. The Vista as a single is big. It isn't too much bigger as a double, but there's lots of parts. I love the Peach Blossom, and I think you go a long way to beat it. I had a similar age gap and the Duet didn't work for us because of the imbalance / closeness of the children. The Joolz Geo is a lovely tandem. The iCandy Apple2Pear is very light to push.
The BJCMGT is lovely to push, but a bit of a chunk to lift (not as bad as the Duet though). The Donkey is lovely but the single / duo conversion is a PITA, so think about if you need this. The Nipper is probably one of the best side by sides (the newer ones).
If you need a car seat, I would get a tandem at least to start with. Don't be precious about a double, because you may well change somewhere along the line once the baby is a little older.

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