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Travel buggy- 2nd hand B Bee or new Maclaren- advice please!

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Bellasima20 Thu 11-Aug-16 08:34:58

Just as title says really- looking at good condition but 2nd hand bugaboo Bees (around £180-£200) or a new Maclaren Quest Stroller - £179 as a sturdy, easy foldable buggy to take on holidays for 2 1/2 year old toddler to use (he likes to sleep in buggy so know Bugaboo's comfy for this) and our baby to use when older.

Which do you think better option please?

twoundertwowillbefun Thu 11-Aug-16 08:44:56

I had a mcclaren for all of five minutes and hated it (quest) but I LOVE my Bee plus - bought both second hand and the mcclaren does fold smaller but longer IYSWIM but the fact that the Bee is so adaptable sold me - I've got a new one on the way next month and I've got the cocoon for him and adopters for the car seat and the buggy board for my 2 year old as I didn't want to break out the big 'pram system' ever again!! So obviously voting for the Bee. grin

Hufflepuffin Thu 11-Aug-16 12:29:38

I'd get a second hand baby jogger city mini for a 2 year old. Mine still naps happily in ours and it's so handy and easy to fold. If he likes a bolt upright seat get sit up straps off eBay.

Tiggywunkle Thu 11-Aug-16 16:12:27

I wouldn't choose either. As Hufflepuffin says, I would head for a Baby Jogger or that style of one handed stroller. Maybe an Oyster Zero. The Bee folds much larger than you think and the wheels won't necessarily take you everywhere! If you are travelling abroad, the Bee would be an absolute no no - choose something as flat and as compact as you can. Out of the two I would choose the Maclaren.

Bellasima20 Fri 12-Aug-16 08:42:54

Thanks all so much!! Ok so was considering this also- Baby Jogger City Lite Stroller? I can get for £170 so the same kind of price, sounds like you mostly agree this is best option? massively grateful.

Bellasima20 Fri 12-Aug-16 09:12:57

Can I ask another question??! Do you think I even need another travel buggy? We are taking our double buggy- baby in bassinet underneath, toddler on top in seat. Which situations on holiday might we need 2 separate buggies?

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