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Pushchair for 7month old

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PaPaPaaa Tue 02-Aug-16 21:46:07

I have a 7month old DC and my (secondhand) travel system has just broken. Ahhh! No idea what to buy as a replacement! Do I move on to a lightweight stroller or buy a more sturdy travel system? And which one?

I walk a lot so looking for something that’s a pleasure to push and can tackle rubbish pavements, high curbs and park paths. A big basket is essential and I like a good sun canopy. As DC is still little I need some recline options and ideally both parent/world facing seat.

I almost never use the car so a small/easy fold is irrelevant. I occasionally use the bus so would like something with a small footprint ideally but would probably choose to walk if in a situation where I had to fold up.

Basically, at 7months old I need to find a pushchair which will see us through. Not sure it exists though. confused

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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