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Is the Uppababy Vista a good double buggy?

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Heatherbell1978 Fri 29-Jul-16 13:49:15

I'm pregnant with #2 and thinking about doubles. DS1 will be 2.5 when #2 is born and I'm certain I'll need one. The thought of being out with 2 and not being able to tether them both in scares me! I have a BJCM which is great but used to have an UB vista. It was the older version (that didn't convert to a double) and I sold it when DS1 was 10 months as I wanted something lighter.

I like the side by side doubles but would like to be able to attach car seat with baby in it and I'm conscious I'll probably only use buggy for a short while so something that converts into single for when I just have baby is probably best. I find BJCM is more of a toddler buggy so an UB would obvs bridge that gap too. But I'm worried it'll be really heavy with 2 in it especially getting on and off trains etc. Any one use it regularly as a double?

mrsreddington Fri 29-Jul-16 14:03:56

I have it and use it fairly regularly. Ds is a good walker though so am using it more as a single now. I like it. It's comfortable for the kids, lots of luggage space when both seats forward face, easy to steer and the hood is great for keeping the sun off

It is heavy with both kids in it though. I mostly walk and use the car. I think you might struggle if you use buses and trains a lot.

Hufflepuffin Sun 31-Jul-16 12:12:54

You already know the vista is too big for you as a single with a baby over 6 months so in your shoes I'd get a second hand side by side double to bridge the gap - you can get ones that have a carrycot and take a car seat. Out and about nipper and bjcm both do I think. Then you can sell it on and go back to your bjcm.

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