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Double for two 2.5 year olds?

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TooTweeOrNotTooTwee Fri 22-Jul-16 22:44:51

Our nanny will need to do a 10-15 minute walk twice a day with her own DS and my DS, both 2.5 years old, to drop off and pick up DD (4) from school.

What buggy shall I get her? Or other form of transport? Both boys scoot but this is near busy roads and I imagine supervising two scooting 2.5 year olds and a 4 year old will be too much for even the most capable of nannies..

Advice welcome!

minipie Mon 25-Jul-16 16:58:55

Single buggy & buggy board is probably the easiest and cheapest option provided at least one of the 2.5 yos is sensible enough to stay on the board and not run off. If they are both sensible enough they can take turns to sit/board.

Agree with you about the scooting!

TooTweeOrNotTooTwee Mon 25-Jul-16 17:12:02

Thanks minipie.

I actually have an old and battered Graco with built in buggy board which I might refurbish for this purpose. I'm slightly worried the nanny will have a daily discussion on her hands about who rides where but I suppose that unlikely the crazy scooting, that is a manageable problem and a lesson in taking turns!

Artandco Sun 31-Jul-16 18:28:11

Personally I think a nanny would prefer for walk two 2 1/2 year olds if it's only a 10-15 min walk. You can get those rucksack reins so both are safe from road. Nanny can use that time each day to give them a walk there and back.

Otherwise will would say just a single with buggy board, or nanny can buy herself a toddler soft back sling for her 2 year old ( like Tula toddler sling).

TooTweeOrNotTooTwee Mon 01-Aug-16 07:44:10

Thanks Art. Yes, she may try having everyone walking. I have one of those backpacks for my bolter son!

I guess with three children (including DD once she's been picked up), there is a risk that one of them will decide they're 'too tired' and then she'd be stuck.

I've starting giving my buggy board graco buggy a refurb...

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