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Weight vs sturdiness of a buggy

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figsandalmonds Mon 18-Jul-16 16:10:46

I've found two travel systems I like, one is significantly heavier than the other one which is not quite as sturdy (the heavy one has a lifetime guarantee on it).

Any thoughts on weight of prams? I don't think I'll need to lift it often, we live in a house so will stay on the ground floor and won't be putting it in the car very much... but wondering about pushing a pram up a hill and things like that?


Fomalhaut Tue 19-Jul-16 18:43:04

Will you be taking it on the bus? Train? Heavy prams are really only good for situations where it gets wheeled out of the house, for a walk and back to the house. You'll be cursing if you need to take the car to the baby clinic after a c section and you can't lift the sodding thing grin
For what it's worth, we do have a heavy pram/pushchair. We live out of town in a country that has very harsh winters so something sturdy is a must for long walks.
Because MegaPram is a pain in the ass to use with the car/bus we also have something smaller and more lightweight too.

Dangermouse1 Tue 19-Jul-16 18:45:54

I'd go for the light one, unless you live rurally and are walking everywhere. Ours went in the car lots more than I thought it would, and you also don't realise how many steps and stairs there are in the world until you have to lug a pushchair up them. Even

Fomalhaut Tue 19-Jul-16 19:05:22

Also about travel systems ... You use the pram/car seat stuff for such a short time. It's much more efficient to buy something that works primarily as a pushchair rather than all the bells and whistles as a pushchair. Our ds was refusing to lie in the pram bassinet from 4 months!
If I was buying again now I'd go for something stable, lightweight, reversible, good on most terrains and with an easy fold. Best things I've seen recently have been: Babyjogger premier, easywalker mosey, armadillo flip xt, joie chrome, Cybex balios, Uppababy cruz, Phil and reds smart Lux.
basically, go for something that's suitable from birth with a seat that reverses and pops off to be replaced by a bassinet at first. Make sure it's light enough to pick up, make sure it folds easily and compactly. Make sure the hood is decent, it handles well, reclines fully/sits up straight and doesn't tip easily.

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