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Pram regret?

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Mamatallica Sat 16-Jul-16 13:34:24

I'm new to all this so please be nice. Basically, I bought a pram that DH and I loved while I was in a hormonal, pregnant haze but a few months on, (8 months pregnant now) I'm having serious doubts. I thought at the time that really bright and fun would be a great idea but now I'm wondering what the hell I was thinking, what looked cool then, now just looks a bit tacky and I'm worried that people will judge me. My baby won't have any siblings or cousins so it's really important that I get accepted into baby groups so he can make some friends, I'm scared how the other mothers might react, everyone round here seems to have black or grey prams, I feel like I should try to fit in. What are people's thoughts?

Quodlibet Sat 16-Jul-16 13:36:38

You are being a loon. People aren't going to accept you or reject you based on the colour of your pram. Most baby groups you check your pram in at the door so no one will probably even see it.

torthecatlady Sat 16-Jul-16 13:38:44

If the "baby groups" don't accept you for who you are instead of what accessories you buy, then forget about them. Surely, those are not the kinds of people you want to bring your child up around?
I'm sure the pram is lovely. So long as it is comfortable for you and baby to use, I would keep it!

OiWithThePoodlesAlready Sat 16-Jul-16 13:40:30

Anyone who judges you on the colour of a pram is a tool. Most people don't use the one they first buy for long anyway. What works and is important for a baby is so far removed from what you need for a toddler that it's hard to get one that lasts.

Mamatallica Sat 16-Jul-16 14:06:36

Thank you, I think I'm just getting stressed lately and questioning everything. My DH said pretty much the same thing you guys have but I wanted a female opinion, I don't have as much money as most people where I live and already feel like the odd one out because I don't drive etc. I've never worried about fitting in before but maybe the hormones are doing weird things to me. confused

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