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Easywalker Mosey - love/hate HELP!

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Kstar8 Wed 06-Jul-16 21:15:02

So I thought this was the pushchair of my dreams. We put it together yesterday (black and white photograph instructions were awful) and love how sleek, sturdy and stylish it looks. The fabrics and the carrycot are really lovely and feel expensive considering that the set up was under £500. Lots of extras too. It really does look and feel great, turning with ease in tight spaces.


We watched all the YouTube videos of people gleefully folding and opening the buggy with ease.....this is NOT what me and DH have found. It's a clunky, awkward, two hands necessary jobby. The white/grey side clip doesn't always move into place as it should do, even with lifting and shaking the buggy (which I am struggling to do as it weighs about 11kg).
When fully folded and resting upright, the front wheels fold under each other and look like they are bending awkwardly on their axis. They also roll into a weird position making it hard to unfold. Each time we unfold the buggy we seem to have to do something different to get it into position.

I am gutted! It looks amazing, fits in my tiny Yaris boot as is, but the folding mechanism is maddening.

I don't know if I have a dodgy product, me and DH are stupid or this is just how the Mosey is built? I want to love it.
Please tell me I'm being silly and that this is the pram for us!! 7 months pushchair research has all but ruined me.

Fomalhaut Thu 07-Jul-16 18:52:28

I had the same annoyance- it is a good pushchair but the fold is infuriating.

Kstar8 Fri 08-Jul-16 09:50:50

Thanks Fomalhaut, glad it's not just us being silly. Does your little side clip have trouble moving into place when you pull the pushchair up to collapse? Sometimes it latches on and other times we have to force it. It's as if the basket stops it coming together

Fomalhaut Sat 09-Jul-16 14:38:16

yeah it does. It's an almost perfect pushchair- if the fold was like a babyjogger it'd be perfect. (And a peekaboo window in the hood and a better basket)
I'm still happy with mine - it's very nice to push and narrow enough to go down the aisles on buses etc

No one pushchair does it all I suppose... I'd love to design one!

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