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Silver Cross Pioneer vs Uppababy Vista

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TeaGirl3 Sat 18-Jun-16 22:41:52

Hi, we're currently researching pushchairs in preparation for our first baby, due October. We like the look of both of these - can anyone tell us their experience of either? What made you choose? Pros / cons? We have an estate car, so car space isn't an issue. Thanks!

TeaGirl3 Mon 20-Jun-16 22:25:56


DevonLulu Wed 22-Jun-16 23:16:02

I have the uppababy vista 2015 and love it, although it has its limitations

Big, sturdy pushchair. versatile, HUGE basket, dream to push. MASSIVE sun canopy, parent facing and fab to push. Two big boys and it copes brilliantly with them. Adjustable for my tall husband. Can clip on the car seat and the carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping

I used it as a single, double and with a board. In fact used it for 3 with the double and the board! Certainly grows with your family.

Because it is a double it is wide, about 3cm wider (I'm guessing!) than a standard double. You used to this though.

It is not a compact fold, but interestingly goes in the boot of my Q5 with much more ease than a bugaboo cameleon. IMO such a better pushchair all round when compared with the cameleon, but that's another thread!

Would certainly buy it again and again, but it has its limitations, so choose carefully!

Can't help with your other choice. Sorry.

salvage Wed 22-Jun-16 23:29:52

I have the old uppababy, probably 2012/2013 and I love it. Wish I could justify the new one but its lasted really well. 2nd baby in it now and still going strong.

Pulses are everything Devon said. I didn't bother with a Moses basket for either baby, just used the bassinet in the house. Was also great when we went to a hotel with 2month old DD.
Wheels are wide (not sure if new version are as wide?) So can be awkward in narrow shops. But great on canal paths etc.
Huge basket is amazing, I don't know how people cope with the tiny ones.
Accessories are fab, feeding tray is a godsend when there's no highchairs.
I love that I can remove all the wheels quickly so it fits in my MILs Ka.

Heirhelp Sun 03-Jul-16 15:28:13

We decided against the Vista as it is heavy to lift and went for the lighter weight Cruz. Have to tried them out in the shop, including folding, lifting and putting on the rain cover?

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