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Holiday Pushchair

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user1465937394 Tue 14-Jun-16 22:08:07

We go away in August and last year when we flew into Miami airport I had to carry my little girl for over 20 mins before we got to baggage reclaim - then wait another 45 minutes for the Pram!
I've bought a quinny zapp xtra and been told you can take those on to the plane as hand luggage - in a travel bag, but wanted to know if anyone had and their feedback?
My LO will be 2 and I really don't want to be carrying her all that way again!
Thank you for any help or advice

browneyedgirl23 Wed 15-Jun-16 06:14:23


browneyedgirl23 Thu 16-Jun-16 09:50:03


lovemysunnydays Thu 16-Jun-16 11:34:43

What about you get a bum seat for your waist instead of the buggy for the airport ride etc? Can yo uhire a buggy once you're there?

Hufflepuffin Fri 17-Jun-16 00:07:58

Are you flying to Miami again? Some airports have buggies you can borrow now!

RaisingSteam Fri 17-Jun-16 00:21:32

I would take either a fabric sling - they are useable for toddlers, or a thing called a HippyChick (are they still around). We took our Huggababy sling on holiday when DS was just two, it was fantastic in places we couldn't take the pushchair and just stuffs into a bag unlike a framed baby carrier.

browneyedgirl23 Fri 17-Jun-16 09:33:02

Thanks everyone for your suggestions - due to a bad back a sling etc isn't suitable - hence the question about the pram.

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