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Bee 3 vs Babyzen Yoyo

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Nickname1980 Thu 09-Jun-16 22:44:53

I actually have a Bee+ for my toddler but am having another baby.

The Bee+ has been fab for the city streets. But I didn't adore the newborn pod, but the Bee3 seems to have solved that. But then I saw the babyzen Yoyo and it folded down just so small... It looked so practical. I see it also has a newborn attachment.

My toddler - though hasnt outgrown being in a buggy - is too tall for my bee+ so I am going to sell it anyway and indulge in a brand new one (since I didn't love the newborn pod anyway).

Question is... Bee 3 or babyzen Yoyo?

For a new baby (living somewhere urban where I walk loads and never drive so won't use the carseat attachment) which would win? Bee3 or Yoyo?

And which handles better?

And can both accommodate a buggy board for my toddler? I know Bee3 can.

We prob go on holiday twice a year so I know the Yoyo is amazing for flying but we don't fly loads. Added bonus for when we do, though.

GoMommaItsaBargain Fri 10-Jun-16 23:57:22

Bee3 for sure- much sturdier for day to day use with or without wheeled board for toddler and new carrycot thing is great .... I've had a yoyo and so glad I got rid before we flew (4planes international flights) it needs two hands to fold- and doesn't always go down quick -.mine sometimes. Stuck- we took a maclaren quest- kick it with foot on lever thing - one handed fold - stand on it to click shut- pick up one handed- as small a footprint as.yoyo and we were allowed to take it to all the gates on all out flights - the yoyo was.too fiddly for me just for benefit of getting it in cabin..... day to day yoyo was just too.small. The newer model has slightly bigger basket but still not big as the bee and the bee def handles.better and the bee3 chassis is much improved over the bee+ , I've seen a yoyo with a wheeled board on- the handle isn't adjustable- my baby- now large toddler has much more room to wriggle in the bee and the hood o's far better- also handy accs like.the bugaboo organiser clip on back of seat and useful when for extra stuff snacks etc etc- ifu walk everywhere the bee would handle it better than the yoyo in my experience - all that being said - I was impressed with the push of the yoyo and certainly the quality of build and fabrics.

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