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Footmuff question for Uppababy Vista

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Morry1 Wed 01-Jun-16 21:59:59

My little boy will soon be too big for his Uppababy Vista carrycot so I'm starting to look at what accessories I need for the pushchair. Is a footmuff necessary all year round or will a seat liner and blanket be enough for summer? The top of the Uppababy Ganoosh footmuff doesn't zip off fully - is this impractical or if I only intend to use it in cold weather does it not matter? Would I be better to get a universal footmuff which zips off fully? Does anyone have the new cozy Ganoosh and would you recommend it? It certainly looks better than the previous one. TIA

Morry1 Thu 02-Jun-16 15:53:13

Any advice would be great, first time mum overwhelmed by the choice for everything!! confusedWondered if anyone had used the company Snunkie recently and rated their custom made footmuffs over the Ganoosh?

KP86 Thu 02-Jun-16 16:02:30

No foot muff needed for summer.

In wA

KP86 Thu 02-Jun-16 16:03:34

Oops, sorry.

In warm weather dress baby in one less layer than you and in cold weather one more layer.

I wouldn't use a foot muff unless it was cold.

Morry1 Thu 02-Jun-16 16:46:33

Thanks for that KP86, didn't think I would need footmuff all year round so if I only use it in cold weather it doesn't matter that the top doesn't zip off fully. Can open it up so baby isn't too warm in shops etc and suppose it means I can't lose the top if it doesn't come right off!

ohidoliketobe Thu 02-Jun-16 16:51:38

I just got a universal 5 point harness one off eBay. Fleece lined and waterproof. Tend to just use it say Oct - March

KP86 Thu 02-Jun-16 16:52:48

You can also just use a cotton padded seat liner/cover instead of a fluffy one in summer. Much easier to wash as necessary.

Remembering that even in winter baby will probably be dressed very warmly before they go into the pram and so a full on wooly liner may be too much unless you remove clothing layers.

Morry1 Thu 02-Jun-16 19:12:42

Thank you both for your replies. I'm going to get a liner for just now.

SouthDownsSunshine Thu 02-Jun-16 19:20:15

I got the generic one from John Lewis, it fits perfectly and unzips fully.

NeedACleverNN Thu 02-Jun-16 19:23:55

I quite like buggysnuggle foot muff

I bought one for £5 off eBay grin

Zips off altogether so if it's particular cold we can zip back on if needed

Morry1 Sat 04-Jun-16 08:53:11

Thanks all, will check out eBay too

1sttimemum2014 Sat 04-Jun-16 08:56:16

I got a universal one from Argos as wasn't sure how much we would use it and the uppababy one was quite pricey and I wasn't sure if I would use it. Argos one was fine we used it quite a bit when it was very cold in the winter.

DevonLulu Wed 22-Jun-16 23:20:06

Another vote for the generic john Lewis one. Fits fine and looks lovely.

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