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Best second/travel buggy, small child

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Ilovecrumpets Tue 31-May-16 14:56:51

Hi just wondering if anyone has any advice. Am looking for a travel/lightweight buggy for my DC2. He is 17 months but small. We don't drive very often, but take public transport a lot.

I have an easy walker mosey as my main buggy ( which I love and I know is very small etc) but am looking for something that folds a bit more easily, can drag up and down stairs, on Public transport and is just a bit easier for day trips etc. Also tbh that isn't loaded with all the day to day rubbish that that I shove and keep in the easy walkerwink but that I can just grab and go.

I currently have a baby zen yoyo but am just not getting on with it - my DS seems a bit lost in it and always very slumped. He also appears to be able to to tip it over sideways when leaning out quite easily. I'm quite short and don't find it the easiest to push and find it a bit unstable. DS will also never sleep in it.

I have an DC1 whose hand I need to hold whilst pushing etc which has always tended me towards a single handle bar - but am now thinking I should maybe just go for a MacLaren? Any advice much appreciated!

Hufflepuffin Tue 31-May-16 20:10:51

What's your budget?

Ilovecrumpets Tue 31-May-16 20:54:42

Good questionsmile

Probably up to £200 for something that would really work for me

Hufflepuffin Tue 31-May-16 21:07:17

The baby jogger city mini has the ease of fold and single hand that you're after, the fold isn't the most compact but it feels nice and easy. It's got quite a large footprint unfolded though and the handle isn't adjustable.

Ilovecrumpets Tue 31-May-16 21:53:32

Thanks huffle - I actually had a baby jogger city mini with my eldest for a good few years until it gave up the ghost, but found the handle on it a bit tall for me ( am short with a bad back!) and am looking for something with a slightly smaller fold than it ( and more of a smaller feel if that makes sense!).

I think I can sacrifice the single handle. I have been having a look around today and am maybe considering a uppababy g- luxe. Or perhaps I should just learn to love the yoyo!

Ilovecrumpets Wed 01-Jun-16 07:31:22

Oh actually huffle just seen the city mini zip - I may take a look to see if that little bit lighter makes the difference as I did like a lot about my city mini

Hufflepuffin Wed 01-Jun-16 08:33:15

I have the zip and the mini blush (got the mini for £20 at an NCT sale). It does feel quite neat/compact when it's being pushed and I like how high the seat is, it does feel sturdy and stable, but it's not super light. Like mini it has a handy carrying handle (the fold strap) once folded). I don't know how the handle compares with the mini (one lives at grandparents so have never directly compared!) but it's not adjustable. (I think best buggy said it was a bit lower than the mini). The good thing about it as a holiday buggy is IKEA do a very cheap hold all it fits in for transporting on planes! The basket isn't massive and takes a litte manoeuvring to get things in and out (but that does mean I don't worry about stuff falling out!). The harness isn't brilliant - it's better since I added an extra clip at the top (from eBay). But it's very very easy to push one handed and I have manhandled the whole thing up steps with my toddler in it. It's small enough for buses etc.

Ilovecrumpets Wed 01-Jun-16 10:36:08

Thanks huffle - that's really helpful! As I mentioned I liked lots about the mini but did find it still a bit heavy.

I think I might try and find somewhere to take a look at it next to the uppababy g-luxe which also seems to look quite good!

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