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Pushchair seat

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firsttimemum15 Fri 27-May-16 13:49:26


Probably a common thought amongst mums. But baby not a fan of carry cot or lying flat. Spends most of time in a sling carrier not 6 months yet. Advised to use Pushchair seat from 6 months only and warnings all over Pushchair.

Why is this? I'm not asking if other mums moved baby before 6mo. I'm a stickler for rules so will probably wait

AgeOfEarthquakes Fri 27-May-16 14:03:46

The 6 month warning are because young babies struggle to hold their heads up and could possibly end up in a slumped position in the seat which could compromise their airway. Having said that, I swapped to the pushchair bit when mine became resistant to lying flat and I was confident they could sit with support. I had them facing me and slightly reclined and it was fine - they enjoyed being able to see me better and liked looking around. They were probably 5 months ish. It was a while ago now so I'm not certain but it was definitely earlier than 6 months.

firsttimemum15 Sun 29-May-16 18:52:12

Thank you. My baby can sit quite well and has excellent head control. If that's the only reason the caution is in place I'm wondering whether to swap it then.
I had it all taken apart to do the swap then change my mind because of the warnings but didn't know what they were there for.

Zaurak Mon 30-May-16 19:06:02

Ours flat out refused to lie in the carrycot from about four months. Had pretty good head control at birth so by four months I had no worry putting him in the seat. He loved it.
What you want to avoid is them slumping or having a wobbly head. Ds was dated by being put in upright then reclined when tired. Wilful little child ....

Zaurak Mon 30-May-16 19:06:20

Sated! Not dated. He's a tad young yet ...

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