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Easywalker Mosey - where can I see / test it?!

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figsandalmonds Thu 26-May-16 15:44:05

I see it's available to buy online in a few places but no shops seem to stock it! Reluctant to spend £500 on a pram I can't test!

Zaurak Fri 27-May-16 10:55:03

I've got one - anything specific you'd like to ask?

figsandalmonds Fri 27-May-16 13:46:08

Oooh! Don't suppose you're in Oxford?!?

Is it as good as the reviews basically?

We used to have an Uppababy vista which was great but it's too big now.

Is it smooth on the road (lots of cobble stones where I am) and parks / forest?

Is the fold easy and compact?

I wish I could see it, there's something about testing a buggy which I really like (buggies are my guilty pleasure).

Zaurak Sun 29-May-16 13:11:44

I'm not in Oxford (if you're over in Sweden do pop over and try it ...)

Right: what I wanted was something that I could fold down to take on the bus or car, that was reversible. And could take Swedish weather...

It's fabulous for handling. I can nip round the supermarket pushing it one handed. It steers beautifully and it's very very stable. You can hang bags off the handle with little danger of tipping. It feels very solid. It really is the best pram I've pushed in terms of nip pines
Suspension is minimal. It copes fine with a bit of snow, gravel, building sites and forest paths but it's not a true off roader. Our other pram is an emmaljunga so maybe I expect too much for suspension!
The seat is obviously really comfy and the harness and buckle are fab. It goes very upright down to almost flat. The carrycot for the newborn concertinas down which is brilliant for popping in the boot. I had ds in the chair from 4 mo and he was fine.
It's not perfect - I don't find the fold as easy as was advertised. It's not a one handed fold and sometimes gets stuck unfolding. It doesn't go as flat as the advertising pics. The handle sort of sticks out when folded. It's not that light - I am probably biased because I'm short and still a bit crippled with spd but I struggle to carry it when folded. It's fine, but it's not ultra light or ultra good fold. But it's better than some.
The basket is ok. I can get 1-2 bags of shopping in there. The hood has excellent coverage and goes right down - bit like the armadillo hood. No peekaboo window. Nice narrow frame - can be pushed up a bus aisle and got through narrow spaces.
The footmuff is ok - again totally fine for uk Spring weather but obviously for here I had to get a proper pram bag as we have cold winters. The pram bag is a nice tough water resistant outer fabric lined with minky. I'd not put a baby in just that even in a uk winter. We have a down/wool arctic bag for the six months of bloody awful cold we have here ;)

In summary, I'm glad I bought it. It's solid, it folds ok and it's a joy to manoeuvre. What id really love is a baby jogger city mini that's lighter and parent facing, but as that doesn't exist this is a damn good alternative.
If I was buying now id be tempted by the baby jogger premiere - have you seen that?

Zaurak Sun 29-May-16 13:13:42

In terms of boot space - we have a golf estate and it goes in half the boot (handle facing out, wheels facing back seat.) I think the fold may be better forward facing but not sure.

ProbablyMe Wed 01-Jun-16 19:58:49

We have an Easywalker Mini which is like the Mosey but with Mini branding!

It's easy to push although it doesn't have suspension as such so is a bit bumpy for baby on rougher surfaces. I have managed to push it as well as walking my two dogs at the same time which was good. The carrycot is a good size and the collapsible option is good although not as flat as I had hoped (could be the sheepskin I've got in there though!! It folds smaller forward facing with the pushchair seat on than rear facing. Rear facing I think it's smaller to take the seat off (easy to do) and put it in the car in two parts. The pushchair seat is a great size - it looks quite compact until you put a child in it and then you realise what a great size it is!! The basket is a reasonable size but not too easy to actually access - it has stretchy sides which a helps though. We have car seat adapters so we can pop our car seat on for short trips to the shop and they sit nice and high which I like a lot. The fold is quite straightforward but I find it easier to fold the chassis separately.

I have a Fiat 500 and the chassis and carrycot fit in the boot - this is the main reason we chose it!

I'm very happy with it - although I would like slightly better suspension. Apart from that it's great.

Ilovecrumpets Wed 01-Jun-16 20:41:08

I have a mosey and I love it - have had a number of buggies blush and it is by far the best I've used. It's lovely and narrow and neat, but seems roomy and comfortable for the child sitting in it.

I don't fold it much, but agree that isn't quite as easy as advertised and I also find the extra bit of the hood a bit flimsy. I like how upright the seat can go as the child gets older - which is much better than the city mini ( my second favourite buggy!). It feels really solid and well made and is fab to push.

Agree it isn't that light though - but I think it is a great compromise for weight/sturdiness and price. It's a fab buggy.

figsandalmonds Thu 02-Jun-16 14:33:28

Thanks everyone this is really useful!

Why hasn't the perfect pram been conceived yet?! Compact, good suspension, forward and parent facing, etc etc. Oh well!

Zaurak to think I was in Sweden last weekend!!

Zaurak Thu 02-Jun-16 18:38:35

Ha! You could have had a push of it!

It's not perfect. But it is good. It could be perfect if it had:

Slightly lighter weight - maybe 2kg less
More compact fold - the arch of the handle is annoying
Easier unfold/fold - it's not one handed and it jams a lot.
Better suspension
Peekaboo window in hood
Better attachment of hood to chassis
Handle needs a pivot (would solve the fold/handle issue.)

Anyone fancy forming a team to design the perfect one? We could make millions!

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