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What travel system similar to old M & P X Cel (off roady) can I get? Can someone knowledgeable help me?

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ButtonsAndBows Wed 25-May-16 08:08:56

It's been aaaages since I had my DC (well, 10, 7 and 5) and I was very happy with my M & P X Cel system. I liked the solidness and the fact it had a proper pram type attachment. It was very bulky though and I don't think you can get similar anymore, everything looks pretty flimsy and foldy. I broke my chassis and the other bits are at the backs of garages and lofts and I think it's time anyway to get something more updated.
My wish list is:
off road ability
System which takes car seat/pram attachment etc.
somewhat foldable (but I don't have space problems or use buses/trains much so it doesn't have to fit into my pocket or anything!)
And if im veeeery fussy, a traditional material (i.e tweedy)

It doesn't matter if it's not the height of fashion, or 2nd hand (infact DH wants to buy 2nd hand and I see his point, so an old model is fine)

I really am clueless about all of these things .... thanks mn smile

Hufflepuffin Wed 25-May-16 18:58:29

Jane Trider? Baby jogger premiere? Bugaboo buffalo maybe. All those are quite expensive but fit the bill (and parent face past the carrycot stage), not the right fabrics though.

If you're not fussed about parent facing, get an out and about nipper with carrycot and car seat attachments.

For the tweedy bit you might have to look at something like an emmaljunga or gesslein to get that as well as off-road.

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