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Advice on a pushchair (double or tandem)

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CatsBooksCocktailsAndSunshine Sat 21-May-16 18:26:44

I will have a 17 month age gap between DDs and need advice for transporting them. I currently have a travel system that works well and is in great condition; I also have a couple of slings (a stretchy for a newborn and a Tula). Is it realistic to think that I can get away with one child in a sling and the other in the pushchair? DD1 can already walk so whilst I am confident she will be happily on her feet when DD2 comes along, I know she will be tired easily.

If I get a double/tandem pushchair, what is best? I had a look at the Mountain Buggy Duet, but it seemed so narrow and I wasn't keen on the ridges in the handlebar. I also looked at the Bugaboo Donkey and it seemed massive - surely it takes up the entire width of a normal pavement and is a struggle to get through doors? This makes me think that I am more likely to want a tandem pushchair but are they quite easy to get to each child without disturbing the other one?

I really don't know what I am looking for and don't have a budget, as I am happy to pay for the right thing. I do want something that easily goes in the car and isn't a hassle to collapse/assemble. It also needs to be comfortable for the children and for me/DH to push.

Any suggestions or advice very gratefully received. Thank you.

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