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Oyster 2?

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BelliniButterfly Sat 21-May-16 18:20:41

Hi everyone

I am expecting my first child in November and seem to be going round in circles trying to choose a pram! My main considerations are that it has to be fairly compact, parent facing, easy fold, swivel wheels, fit in a Nissan Juke, be compatible with the Maxi Cosi isofix car seat and not be too expensive! I realise I am asking for a lot!

I really like the Oyster 2 however I also like the look of the Maxi Cosa Mura, Uppababy Cruz, the Urbo 2 and the Joie Chrome Plus. Does anyone have any recommendations on which of these might be most suitable?

Also is it really necessary to buy a 3 in 1 travel system or will a pushchair with new born insert and separate car seat be okay? Space is an issue as we are currently in a flat. Also pushchair will be for urban use and not many long journeys.

Many thanks I really appreciate any advice!

adagio Mon 06-Jun-16 10:42:53

First up - nothing is 'necessary', you can manage with just a car seat and sling if you want.

I got a M&P Sola for my first child 3 years ago, which has been great but is bulky - I would get the Oyster2 in a heartbeat as it is very similar to the Sola, but 2" narrower and folds up to half the size.

As it turns out, I do lots of walking when on mat leave so glad to have a proper bassinet as the baby isn't strapped down and it looks much more comfy. Also use it for naps and somewhere safe to dump the baby if I need to, so feels worth it. If you never walk anywhere and won't use it at home it would feel like a waste of money as most babies grow out of them by about 5 months (some a lot sooner!).

It clicks off the base you can cart it into the house complete with sleeping baby and dump the wheels (I leave mine in garage, I have friends in flats who keep the wheel base in the car). When the baby gets bigger/is awake you can leave the whole lot in the car and just take the baby up.

Saying that I just got a BabyJogger City Mini Zip as a second one for holidays and it is awesome - lays pretty flat, takes a maxicosi car seat (with adaptors) one hand fold and light enough to throw around with one hand. Its surprisingly good! BUT its not parent facing - less of a concern with baby 2 as the 3 year old demands a lot of my attention, but still.

Make sure you have a good play with lots of different ones - push should be light and it should be easy and intuitive to fold.

Good luck!

MelT1980 Tue 07-Jun-16 21:16:00

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