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Twin buggies 2015/2016 models

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Mfk1010 Sat 21-May-16 10:10:55

I am currently 6 1/2 months pregnant and have a 10 1/2 month at home so there will be 13 months between the two. Having looked at double prams I came to the conclusion that although tandems are smaller, they are heavy and it is impossible to go down stairs with two kids inside, you'd loose control and/or the bassinet is at the bottom and it would hit the steps going down.
So having decided on a twin pram instead I am debating between the city stroller double mini gt and the mountain buggy. I also really liked the britax twin but it is almost identical to the mini GT but even a few cm larger. It has more storage pockets though.

My issue with the mountain buggy is that it is heavier and the foam that is covering the handle seems to turn if you grip it strongly so it could potentially make you loose control if it turns while you are handling stairs.
The mini GT is easier for the stairs but it is 10 cms larger (at the top, not at the wheels) which might make doors difficult. Also in the UK they don't have the adapters for a car seat but you can get them in the US. The mini GT folds a little smaller to fit into the car.

I know there has been a review below but it is dat d and all the models have been updated. I would appreciate thoughts from anyone who's had the chance to use/ compare these two/ three.

The out n about v4 is good but bulky when folded.

If anyone knows of a tandem pram that doesn't have the issues mentioned above I'd also be interested.

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